Apple and Spice Christmas Infusion

Apple and Spice Christmas Infusion

Discover Provence d'Antan's Apple and Spice Christmas Infusion: A traditional infusion in a festive box. Enjoy the comforting combination of apple and spices for an unforgettable Christmas. Immerse yourself in the traditional atmosphere of Christmas with Provence d'Antan's Apple and Spice Christmas Infusion. This special infusion immediately transports you to the holiday spirit with its comforting blend of apple and spices, all presented in a festive box.

  • Etui 40,8g

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Carefully selected high-quality ingredients create an exceptional taste experience. The apple brings fruity sweetness, evoking the traditional flavors of Christmas, while the spices add a warm and spicy note that evokes the warmth and conviviality of the festivities.

Provence d'Antan's Apple and Spice Christmas Infusion is designed to bring a touch of tradition and comfort to your year-end celebrations. It embodies the spirit of Christmas, presented in a festive box that adds an elegant touch to your experience.

Whether you enjoy it on your own to create a warm atmosphere or share it with your loved ones around the Christmas table, this infusion is the perfect complement for unforgettable moments. For a truly comforting treat, pair it with our Christmas Moist Cake.

Provence d'Antan is committed to offering quality organic herbal teas by selecting only the finest parts of plants, all just a few miles from the factory!

Choose Provence d'Antan's Apple and Spice Christmas Infusion to enjoy a taste experience that evokes tradition and the warmth of Christmas. Order today to savor this festive infusion and explore Provence d'Antan's range of teas and infusions for more aromatic discoveries.

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Apple*, Fennel*, Ginger*, Cinnamon*, Star Anise*, Orange Peel*, Chicory*, Orange Extract*, Cardamom*, Clove* - *100% of the ingredients are sourced from organic farming.

Average Nutritional Analysis per 100 ml - Energy Value: 6 kJ/1 kcal - Fat <0.5g, including Saturated Fat <0.1g - Carbohydrates <0.5g, including Sugars <0.5g - Proteins <0.5g - Salt <0.05g.