Affinade -  organic PDO black olives from Nyons Ferme Brès
Affinade - Ferme Brès, local producer
Affinade -  organic PDO black olives from Nyons Ferme Brès
Affinade - Ferme Brès, local producer

Discover this affinade from Ferme Brès ! A spread made in Nyons, 13km from the Fabrique, with organic PDO black olives from Nyons.  
An ideal Provencal culinary specialty to enjoy as an aperitif or to add to your gourmet culinary preparations !

  • Pot 180g

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Fall for this Affinade from Ferme Brès, a delicious spread made with black olives that will awaken your taste buds. This carefully prepared Provencal specialty offers a unique taste experience !    

This Affinade from Ferme Brès is made from carefully selected black olives. The olives are finely crushed to obtain a creamy, unctuous texture, which spreads delicately over your toast. Discover a paste made from 100% organic Nyons black olives harvested at perfect maturity : the full flavor of the tanche olive unfolds in this little jar.    

The intense taste of black olives comes from the composition : in this affinade, you'll find only 100% organic PDO Nyons black olives and a hint of salt ! This perfect combination offers a delicious balance and gives Affinade an authentic, irresistible character.

This black olive spread is the perfect accompaniment to your aperitifs and to enhance your sandwiches.
Spread Affinade generously on toasted bread and enjoy the delicate marriage between the sweetness of the black olive and the crunchiness of the bread.
It also goes perfectly with mashed potatoes (where you'll think you recognize truffles) or in a vinaigrette with finely chopped garlic. Whisk together a little affinade, lemon juice and olive oil to make a sauce to accompany grilled fish.    

Ferme Brès is committed to the quality of its products, and makes this Affinade by hand. The olives are grown with respect for the environment, and harvested when ripe to preserve their authentic flavor. "For the Brès family, Nyons olives are a natural choice : the family has been growing the "Tanche" variety of olive since 1829.      

Affinade is a Provencal specialty not to be missed ! With its creamy texture and savory taste, it's sure to brighten up your gourmet moments. The delicacies from Ferme Brès, located in Nyons (14km from La Fabrique) are the fruit of seven generations of know-how, combined with a faith in the olive tree cultivated with care for the environment (organic farming).    

For olive lovers, discover all the products of our local producers, as well as our Olive Croquets !

100% organic black olives from Nyons PDO

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