Nyons olives confit and orange

Nyons olives confit and orange

Indulge in Oliverie des Baronnies' Nyons Olive Confit with Orange, a company located just 20 km from La Fabrique!

This culinary specialty is a delightful fusion of olives and the invigorating character of orange! An ideal spread for Provencal-flavored appetizers or to add a touch of Provencal delight to your recipes!

  • Pot 90g

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This Nyons Olive Confit with Orange is a tribute to the Provence region, renowned for its world-class Nyons olives. By combining these olives with the scent of citrus, we create a unique taste experience, a true burst of sunshine in a jar.

The Secrets of this Olive Confit:

Superior Nyons Olives: Oliverie des Baronnies carefully selects the highest quality Nyons olives, known for their tender texture and delicate taste.

The Perfect Blend: This exclusive recipe combines Nyons olives, candied orange peels, balsamic vinegar, and a pinch of spices to create a condiment with rich and balanced flavors.

Authentic Craftsmanship: Each jar of Nyons Olive Confit with Orange is made by a dedicated team to ensure that each jar is a true culinary treasure.

Enjoy it as an appetizer, on toast, to enhance a vinaigrette, add it to your bruschettas, or as a complement to your meats and fish.

This Nyons Olive Confit with Orange is more than just a condiment; it's a taste experience, a journey into the sunny flavors of Provence. Each jar tells the story of a region rich in tradition and authenticity.

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Ingredients: Nyons black olives* (PDO) 58% (olives, water, salt), sugar, orange 8%, candied orange peel, balsamic vinegar (sulphites), spices.

*Possible presence of nuclei

Nutritional values per 100g: Energy 1256kj - 301kcal/ Fat 18,6g - including saturated fatty acids 2,15g/ Carbohydrates 30,9g - including sugars 27,8g/ Protein 1,1g/ Salt 1,95g