Original creations

Thanks to a pure chocolate of great quality, our chocolate maker offers you original creations that will make you melt with pleasure...

Original Creations

Chocolate beggars box

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  • Boîte métal 220g €22.75
Chocolate beggars with candied fruits, and almonds.
Original Creations

Dark chocolate cake Panama

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  • Case 225g €10.43
Fall in love with the Petit Duc's Dark chocolate cake Panama, a cake with an incomparable softness and the delicious flavour of pure Panama dark chocolate...
Original Creations

Valrhona almond and chocolate cake

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  • Case 225g €8.86
Discover our original creation : Valrhona almond and chocolate cake, a gluten-free treat where a subtle blend of Valrhona's Guanaja Heart dark chocolate is combined with the sweetness of almonds for a recipe of Irresistible moist cake... Dark chocolate lovers, this cake is for you ! The little extra : this cake is gluten-free !
Original Creations

Almond and Valrhona dark chocolate Macaroons

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  • Case 130g €5.26
Fall for our Almond and Valrhona dark chocolate Macaroons.  These delicacies combine the softness of almonds with the intensity of Valrhona® Guanaja heart dark chocolate... A delight with an intense aromatic profile for all dark chocolate lovers.    Gluten-free and milk-free macaroons !  
Original Creations

Fabergé egg

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  • Lily of the valley decoration €12.80
  • Red Gold Diamond decoration €12.80
  • Gold beige decor €12.80
  • Red gold square diamond decoration €12.80
  • Clover green decoration €12.80
  • bleu foncé or €12.80
  • Décor jaune €12.80
  • Green, red and gold decoration €12.80
  • Décor beige bleu €12.80
  • Décor rose €12.80
Fabergé egg tin, filled with crunchy chocolate-covered cereals.

Metal box calissons limited edition

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  • Metal box 240g €20.00
  • Tablet 115g €9.58 Sold out
Fall for the Metal box calissons limited edition, a delicious assortment of classic calissons and calissons strong in orange enrobed in dark chocolate ! These calissons are low in sugar, extremely soft and full of almond flavor.