Original creations

Thanks to a pure chocolate of great quality, our chocolate maker offers you original creations that will make you melt with pleasure...

Original Creations

Dark chocolate cake Panama

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  • Case 225g €10.43
Fall in love with the Petit Duc's Dark chocolate cake Panama, a cake with an incomparable softness and the delicious flavour of pure Panama dark chocolate...
Original Creations

Valrhona almond and chocolate cake

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  • Case 225g €8.86
Discover our original creation : Valrhona almond and chocolate cake, a gluten-free treat where a subtle blend of Valrhona's Guanaja Heart dark chocolate is combined with the sweetness of almonds for a recipe of Irresistible moist cake... Dark chocolate lovers, this cake is for you ! The little extra : this cake is gluten-free !
Original Creations

Almond and Valrhona dark chocolate Macaroons

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  • Case 130g €5.26
Fall for our Almond and Valrhona dark chocolate Macaroons.  These delicacies combine the softness of almonds with the intensity of Valrhona® Guanaja heart dark chocolate... A delight with an intense aromatic profile for all dark chocolate lovers.    Gluten-free and milk-free macaroons !  
Biscuits for Snacks

Organic Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies

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  • Case 120g €4.41
  • Bulk 480g €10.38 Sold out
Crack open our Organic Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies, delicious biscuits made from a subtle combination of dark Latin American chocolate and large pieces of hazelnut. Only organically grown ingredients have been rigorously selected for these sweets.
Biscuits for Snacks

Organic dark chocolate shortbread

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  • Case 120g €4.03
  • Bulk 480g €10.38
Enjoy our Organic Dark Chocolate Shortbread, lightly buttered biscuits, not very sweet and damn delicious !
Original Creations

Chocolate balls

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  • Bag 200g €8.34
Fall for our chocolate balls ! Delicious little treats from Le Petit Duc.
Original Creations

Fabergé egg

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  • Lily of the valley decoration €12.80
  • Red Gold Diamond decoration €12.80
  • Gold beige decor €12.80
  • Red gold square diamond decoration €12.80
  • Clover green decoration €12.80
  • bleu foncé or €12.80
  • Décor jaune €12.80
  • Green, red and gold decoration €12.80
  • Décor beige bleu €12.80
  • Décor rose €12.80
  • Décor fumée rouge et doré €12.80
  • Décor vert palmier €12.80
  • Décor bleu glacial €12.80
  • Décor bleu écailles €12.80
  • décor blanc fleuri €12.80 Sold out
  • Décor vert fleuri €12.80 Sold out
  • Décor rouge et doré €12.80
  • Décor vert prestige €12.80
  • Décor jaune prestige €12.80
  • Décor rouge "8" €12.80
  • Décor bleu prestige €12.80
  • Décor bleu et doré €12.80 Sold out
  • Décor bleu fleurs €12.80 Sold out
  • Décor ver €12.80 Sold out
Fabergé egg tin, filled with crLe Petit Duc Workshop has reinvented the Fabergé Egg with a collection of 12 eggs. Come and discover the one that suits you best, and above all, treat yourself to the pleasure of the delicious chocolate beads it contains. Whether in milk chocolate or dark caramel chocolate, they promise to delight your taste buds!unchy...
Original Creations

Mini Fabergé egg

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  • Décor mini muget rose €8.15
  • Décor mini vert et fleurs blanches €8.15
  • Décor mini rouge €8.15
  • Décor mini écailles bleues €8.15
  • Décor mini beige et doré €8.15
  • Décor mini jaune €8.15
The Petit Duc Workshop has reimagined the Fabergé Egg with its exclusive collection of 24 eggs. Following its Fabergé egg collection, Petit Duc now introduces the "Petits Œufs Fabergés" for affordable gifting. Explore our selection to discover the egg that perfectly suits your preferences, and most importantly, treat yourself to the delightful pleasure...
Big Easter Egg
  • -25%

Big Easter Egg

€9.21 €12.27
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  • Décor fleuri jaune €9.21 €12.27 -25%
  • Décor fleuri rose €9.21 €12.27 -25%
  • Décor fleuri blanc €9.21 €12.27 -25%
  • Décor fleuri bleu €9.21 €12.27 -25%
Offer Easter cookies! Because not everyone necessarily fancies chocolate at Easter, our big Easter Metal Egg provides a surprising alternative. A metal egg adorned with beautiful spring decorations and filled with delicious chocolate cookies and shortbread.
Bulk Sweet biscuits

Organic Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies in bulk

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  • Bulk 480g €10.38
Crack open our Organic Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies in bulk, organic biscuits resulting from a subtle blend of dark Latin American chocolate and large hazelnut chips. Cookies 100% organic, 100% greedy and in family packaging for a moment of pleasure to share.
Bulk Sweet biscuits

Dark chocolate Organic Shortbreads in bulk

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  • Bulk 480g €10.38
Go for our Dark chocolate Organic Shortbreads in bulk, a large format for more delicacies to share ! 100% organic biscuits, 100% gourmet and in a family size of 480 grams for a moment of pleasure to share.

The Chocolate Creations of the Biscuiterie de Provence

At the Biscuiterie de Provence and Le Petit Duc, we are both creators of biscuits and chocolatiers! Every day, with meticulous care, we work on chocolate in our workshops to create delicious creations.

The chocolate bars of Le Petit Duc

The chocolate delights of Le Petit Duc come to life in a workshop nestled in the heart of Provence. Under the guidance of our pastry chef-chocolatier, each flavor is meticulously crafted for successful gourmet breaks. In our range of bars, discover quality ingredients, carefully selected cocoa beans from an artisan couverture maker, as well as typical Provencal dried and candied fruits. All of this is enhanced by the expertise of our chocolatier. The result? Gourmet creations wrapped in charming traditional handmade papers.

The Pure Origine Bars

Our Pure Origine chocolate bars are made from cocoa beans harvested from all corners of the globe. With seven unique recipes, each offering a percentage of cocoa and different origins, these creations are a true delight for lovers of authentic chocolate. An experience not to be missed!

Featuring cocoa beans from Madagascar, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador...

The Original Creations

These bars offer an exceptional taste experience thanks to the subtle art of flavor blending by our chocolatier. Meticulous work to find the perfect balance between ingredients. We offer a variety of blends, such as raspberry chocolate bar, or dark chocolate with timut pepper, or even ginger...

Delights that deserve to be savored for a unique and original chocolate experience.

The Cakes and Biscuits from our Factory

Our houses are primarily creators of biscuits and cakes. It was therefore natural for us to think of creating chocolate treats, as we know how much chocolate is appreciated for its dry and fruity taste.

The Chocolate Moist Cakes

Our Houses offer 3 moist cake recipes, each unique and delicious! Each of our products is made with quality ingredients because we want to ensure that chocolate lovers find happiness in our cakes.

Organic Chocolate Moist Cake

A cake with a melting texture, cocoa notes, and rich in almonds, making it a specialty that leaves no one indifferent! With 13% cocoa and a hint of vanilla, this gourmet creation ensures its success at the table.

Our moist cake is carefully made in our workshop located in the south of France. We have highlighted organic farming to create this delight.

The real advantage of this cake is that it is gluten-free, offering people with celiac disease or not the opportunity to enjoy a delicious chocolate moment without worries.

Valrhona Chocolate Moist Cake

Our product combines the sweetness of almonds with the intensity of Valrhona's Cœur de Guanaja® dark chocolate. This chocolate-rich cake derives its power from Valrhona's iconic chocolate, made from a blend of Grands Crus with roasted and bitter notes, all in elegance. Enhanced with 20% almonds, our cake is a true gluten-free delight.

Its recipe has characteristics that have contributed to its success for over 30 years: a gluten-free cake, prepared and packaged in a dedicated workshop certified by AFDIAG, baking in a steel mold ensuring softness and indulgence, and easy demoulding at any time of the day.

Panama Dark Chocolate Moist Cake

This Panama Dark Chocolate Cake is made from our 63% single-origin Panama dark chocolate bar. This exceptional chocolate, with notes of yellow fruits and a hint of vanilla, comes from cocoa beans grown in tropical forests...

Its unique packaging ensures long-lasting freshness and allows you to enjoy this cake at any time. Optionally warmed up for a melting center, alone or accompanied by cream, ice cream, or fruit salad.

A delight that offers a quality experience to chocolate lovers.

The Organic Chocolate Biscuits

The Chocolate Macarons: Valrhona and Organic

Our organic almond and chocolate macarons are delicious soft biscuits with a flavorful heart, with a rich almond texture. Their simple composition, with over 40% almond and 15% chocolate, offers a soft and generous biscuit.

The Valrhona macarons are an original creation combining the sweetness of almonds with the power of Valrhona's Cœur de Guanaja® dark chocolate. This exclusive collaboration gives birth to macarons revealing all their character thanks to this exceptional chocolate.

Moreover, these two recipes are dairy-free and gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy them. Discover our other products in this range!

The Snack Biscuits: Chocolate Cookies and Shortbreads

At the Biscuiterie de Provence, we offer superb treats:

The Organic Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies are delicious biscuits inspired by the richness of the Mediterranean terroir, combined with Latin American chocolate. With over 40% chocolate, these cookies are ultra-chocolatey to delight the taste buds of the most gourmet! A touch of fleur de sel and a subtle addition of Bourbon vanilla enhance the different flavors of the recipe.

The Organic Chocolate Shortbreads are slightly buttery biscuits that rival Breton shortbreads! Prepared according to a traditional method, these small biscuits with a delicious dark chocolate taste stand out for their indulgence and low sugar content, revisited by the Biscuiterie de Provence. With a generous portion of organic chocolate, exceeding 30%, these biscuits will bring back childhood memories!

Each ingredient in the recipes is meticulously selected, exclusively from organic farming, and, where possible, from local sources.

Our Special Delights: the Eggs

Discover our special chocolate creations for Easter, perfect for celebrating this occasion with indulgence!

The Large Metal Eggs

An iconic creation of our marketing manager: a large metallic egg adorned with spring motifs containing our delicious organic biscuits, cookies, and shortbreads. A true delight that seduces with its originality, available in 4 colors: yellow, white, pink, and blue.

The Chocolate Shell Eggs

The hens of Maison Le Petit Duc have a particularity: they lay brown eggs with milk hazelnut praline or white chocolate, with milk crepe dentelle praline. Beautiful and delicious eggs available individually, in boxes of 4 or even 6! In each box, an equal distribution of brown and white eggs to discover both flavors. The perfect treat for kids and adults alike!