The family spirit


He made delicious treats in the large family house! We waited patiently for these sweets to come out of the oven. It's with passion that Grandpa made these sweet biscuits using recipes that are both authentic and innovative, where almonds have been king for six generations. Step by step, we associated it with the best flavors of Provence, to bake biscuits and cakes ... simply irresistible. Crunchy, soft or even moist; nature, lemon, chocolate, orange or even chocolate chips… you will certainly find what you are looking for, with so many recipes, to accompany your coffee breaks and other gourmet pleasures of the day!

Frank Bédouin, CEO


Arrival of Frank, France and Victor Bédouin

In the 2000s, Frank took over from his father and his uncle, soon joined by his wife France, and his brother Victor, the family adventure continued, first in Visan and today in Saint Maurice sur Eygues. where a new factory offers a wide variety of savory and sweet cakes and biscuits, an organic range and also gluten-free ... always remaining faithful to the almond, deliberately queen in this family saga.


Then came the twins, Jean-Paul and Jean-Louis.

As fiery as they are daring, they dared the almond paste and the first cereal bars. Then came the desire to transform almonds into delicious cookies ... In 1985, they bought the recipe for the famous "Croquette de Vinsobres", from the local tradition. Joined little by little by other biscuit specialties, they created the Biscuiterie de Provence in 1995.


Paul Bédouin

Responding to growing demand, Paul continued to develop Casserie Bédouin by offering almonds in all their forms: whole, powdered, slivered or even crushed, they were the delight of all bakers, pastry chefs and nougat makers in the Provençal region.


Paul Bédouin

When he joined the family business, Paul used ingenuity to give almond hulls a second life. While they were initially discarded, he decided to grind them for the machining of parts in the metallurgy and the automotive industry.


Régis Bédouin

Almond, in full swing, takes a considerable place and this is how Régis created the “Casserie Bédouin” in an outbuilding of the family house in Visan.


Joseph Bédouin

One day in 1833 in Provence, in the heart of the Enclave des Papes, Joseph Bédouin, the ancestor of the family, launched into the trade of local products: almonds, lime blossom, apricot kernels, cherry stems… an adventure , started with the packaging of dried plants for herbalism ...