A family factory of biscuits, cakes, calissons, nougats and chocolates located in Drôme Provençale

With a know-how around almonds since 1833, transmitted for 6 generations, the Biscuiterie de Provence has built its reputation around delicious recipes...

Proud of its history but even more of its present commitments! La Biscuiterie de Provence is growing with tomorrow in mind! Concerned about current issues, and in the interest of future generations, the Factory is driven by values ​​that it cultivates day after day. “We want to shape the future by defending ethics, proximity, transmission, and respect for our employees, our customers, our suppliers and our planet” (France Bédouin, CSR Director).

It is therefore with transparency and benevolence that the Biscuiterie de Provence unites its teams, its collaborators but also a large number of local associations and young people as part of their studies!

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Traditional biscuit factory with innovative methods

Located in Drôme Provençale, facing the Mont Ventoux, we devote all our passion and know-how to the development and manufacture of Biscuits, Cakes, Nougats, Chocolates and Calissons. Subtle mixtures of southern flavours, the sweet and savoury delicacies of our biscuit factory bear witness to the richness of our region.

This is why we are committed to favouring and promoting local partners and ingredients such as Nyons PDO olives, Menton PGI lemons, Picodon PDO, Drôme PGI white garlic and Haute Provence PGI spelt.

100% natural and virtuous ingredients rigorously selected

Each of our products is thought out by our multidisciplinary teams, which is how we obtain innovative recipes and biscuits with : 

ZERO colouring, artificial flavouring, chemical additives, preservatives, GMOs, palm oil! 

ZERO colouring, artificial flavouring, chemical additives, preservatives, GMOs, palm oil ! 

only good eggs from free-range hens and almonds 100% from the Mediterranean basin (France, Spain, Italy) !

Development from A to Z

All our recipes are manufactured in our workshops. We ensure the development, monitoring and control of our products, each stage being supervised by our quality department and validated by IFS certification for several years. 

In addition, we have a workshop specifically dedicated to gluten-free products, governed by a set of very strict measures, which enables us to ensure a total absence of gluten traces. And of course, our organic range also offers a gourmet panel of specialities.

All of our recipes, packaging and sales materials are created in-house by our multidisciplinary team based on our customers' suggestions. 

A French SME with an eye on the world

Every year, on a 2800m2 site, some thirty people transform 60 tons of almonds into 250 tons of biscuits, delivered to more than 1000 customers, to the delight of gourmets!

Thus, all our specialities now travel as far as the great capitals of Asia, Europe and America, carried by the great names in delicatessen, and pampered by small provincial shops and large Parisian shops.