Black garlic head

Black garlic head

Fall for the black garlic head from Maison Boutarin ! A dish made from IGP white garlic from the Drôme region, ideal for incorporating into your favorite dishes.

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Discover the black garlic head : A culinary treasure from the Drôme, transformed in the Japanese tradition

This black garlic head, made by Maison Boutarin, is a real gem made from IGP white garlic from the Drôme, sublimated by slow, delicate cooking in the Japanese tradition. With no additives or preservatives, this product offers a delicate, subtle taste, accompanied by an incredibly melt-in-the-mouth texture.

A unique, enchanting flavor : Black garlic is distinguished by a lightly roasted fragrance with bewitching notes of candied fruit, licorice, undergrowth and balsamic vinegar. It adds a sophisticated touch to all your dishes, from gourmet aperitifs to refined desserts.  

Made from 100% IGP white garlic from the Drôme region, our black garlic head is naturally preservative-, color- and allergen-free. What's more, it's naturally gluten-free, adapting to everyone's dietary needs.

This black garlic head from Maison Boutarin is an original gift idea ! Offer your loved ones the discovery of black garlic, an exceptional product that will appeal to gourmets and lovers of novelty. Its elegant packaging makes it an ideal gift for special occasions.  

To preserve its flavor and benefits, keep the black garlic head in its sealed tin, away from air and light, even after opening.  

Explore new flavors by incorporating it into your favorite dishes, such as meats, fish, vegetables, sauces, pastas, risottos, and even desserts, for a touch of originality.  

Located in Crest, 60km from La Fabrique, Maison Boutarin is now a reference for top chefs, renowned food bloggers and epicureans in search of new sensations thanks to its exceptional product: black garlic !


Valeurs nutritionnelles pour - nutrition values per 100g : Energie - Energy : 997kJ - 238,4kcal /  dont acides gras saturés - of which satured Fat : 0,4g 0,01g / dont sucres-of which sugars : 52,9g  26g/ fibres alimentaires - dietary fiber : 3g/ protéines - protein : 9,5g / sel - salt : 0,01g/ potassium 811mg/ zinc: 1,54mg

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