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Exceptional corporate gifts to celebrate the end of the year with a local touch!

Dear businesses, the holiday season is upon us, and it's time to show your customers, employees, partners or other collaborators, how much they mean to you with our unique and gourmet end-of-year gifts.

At Biscuiterie de Provence, we are proud to present our special catalog of corporate gifts, specially designed to celebrate this magical period. Imagine offering a delicious selection of biscuits, cakes, calissons, nougats, chocolates, and much more, from traditional recipes and prepared with love.

Our Factory is committed to promoting local products and to favoring short circuits, thus helping to preserve the authentic know-how and the riches of our region. 

Catalogue cadeaux d'affaires Biscuiterie de Provence pour tous les budgets

Personalized corporate gifts made according to your desires and your budget

To thank, celebrate, retain your customers and collaborators

Support a French SME focused on a responsible and local approach. You participate in the preservation of the authentic know-how of our regions and you favor short circuits In summary, you ensure the extension of your CSR approach to your gifts! Many advantages are available to you!

Preferential rates compared to public prices with discounts of up to 25%, personalized support from a privileged interlocutor who will listen to you and offer you an offer adapted to your budget, your desires, quantities, delivery dates, etc

Contact our team for perfect corporate gifts

Personalized support from A to Z! Tailor-made proposals accompanied by photos for validation, personalized thank you cards in your image inserted in your boxes and individual or grouped shipments to best meet your expectations!

cadeaux d'affaires local gourmand rse de la Biscuiterie de Provence

Family factory of biscuits, cakes, confectionery and chocolates located in Drôme Provençale

With a know-how around almonds since 1833, transmitted for 6 generations, we have built our reputation around very gourmet recipes...

It is facing Mont Ventoux that we devote all our passion and our know-how to the development and manufacture of Biscuits, Cakes, Calissons, Nougats and Chocolates. Subtle blends of southern flavors, our savory or sweet delicacies testify to the riches specific to our territory.

100% natural and virtuous ingredients rigorously selected as much as possible from local producers. 0 dyes, artificial flavors, chemical additives, preservatives, GMOs or even palm oil! Only good eggs from free-range hens, almonds 100% from the Mediterranean basin.

coffret cadeaux d'affaires sur-mesure pour tous les budgets

Contact us to design original and gourmet corporate gifts

Don't miss the opportunity to surprise and delight your customers with business gifts that stand out for their quality and added value. Give them moments of happiness and indulgence during this Christmas and end-of-year celebrations. Contact us today to discover our selection of corporate gifts and let us guide you in choosing gifts that will make your customers' eyes shine.

Let's celebrate this end of the year together by creating moments of sharing and conviviality with our local and gourmet delights! Do not search anymore ! Let us bring your dreams of customer gift boxes to life for this unforgettable end of the year. Our dedicated team is ready to accompany you from A to Z in the design of tailor-made gifts that will amaze your customers.

By contacting us now, you open the doors to a unique experience where your wishes and your budget are our top priority. From the selection of quality products to the customization of elegant boxes, we will ensure that every detail is in perfect harmony with your vision. Trust our expertise, and together, let's create business gifts that will make an impression and strengthen your precious ties with your customers. Contact us today, and see your ideas come to life under our expert care!

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La Fabrique c'est un savoir-faire ancien autour de l'amande,
depuis 6 générations, décliné aujourd'hui sous trois marques gourmandes...

cadeaux d'affaires - logo biscuiterie de provence une marque de la Fabrique

BISCUITERIE DE PROVENCE - l'âme de la Fabrique, créée en 1995 : Des recettes très gourmandes réalisées avec de bons ingrédients rigoureusement sélectionnés et issus, le plus possible, auprès de productions locales par amour de notre beau et riche terroir.

cadeaux d'affaires - logo le petit duc une marque de la Fabrique

LE PETIT DUC - Créateur d'émotions gourmandes depuis 1991, rejoint la Fabrique en 2019 : Cette marque est le fruit d’une plongée passionnée dans les archives de la gastronomie pour en ressortir des trésors gourmands chargés d’histoires

cadeaux d'affaires - logo croquettes de vinsobres une marque de la fabrique

CROQUETTES DE VINSOBRES - les débuts du métier de Biscuitier, rejoint la Fabrique en 1985 : Le biscuit traditionnel de la Drôme Provençale depuis 1908