Rosemary - 100% organic plant
Rosemary - Tisanes le Dauphin
Rosemary - 100% organic plant
Rosemary - Tisanes le Dauphin

Discover Rosemary from Tisanes le Dauphin, a sublime plant typical of the Mediterranean Basin, to be enjoyed in cooking or as an infusion !
The little extra ? This 100% organic plant comes from a company located 30km from La Fabrique.

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Discover Rosemary from Tisanes le Dauphin, a producer located just a few kilometers from La Fabrique ! Rosemary is the quintessential Mediterranean plant with a thousand virtues.   

The emblematic plant of the Mediterranean basin is much more than just an aromatic herb. Its rich, powerful flavor makes it the perfect ingredient to enhance your dishes and beverages. But did you know that rosemary also has numerous benefits for your health and well-being ?

An ally for digestion and the liver : Rosemary is reputed to promote hepato-biliary drainage, helping to facilitate fat digestion. As an excellent brain tonic, rosemary stimulates memory and concentration.  
Enjoy this plant as an infusion or to season your dishes ! Rosemary infusion is an aromatic treasure trove of exceptional virtues. Its antioxidant properties help protect your cells from stress-related damage.

Rosemary is a plant that has stood the test of time, used by great ancient civilizations. Considered sacred by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, rosemary was used in their religious ceremonies and celebrations. Its bewitching aroma was also used to perfume temples and homes. Today, rosemary continues to seduce cooking and wellness enthusiasts alike.

You can easily incorporate this wonderful plant into your daily routine by using its fresh or dried leaves in your culinary recipes, or by infusing its leaves to enjoy its benefits.

The little extra ? Rosemary from Tisanes le Dauphin is 100% organic ! It is grown without pesticides, herbicides or harmful chemicals.  

What makes this plant even more special is that it is prepared in Buis-les-Baronnies, 30 km from the factory, by Tisanes le Dauphin. This company has been a family affair in the heart of the Baronnies Provençale since 1953, with three generations of craftsmen creating organic infusions.  

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Origine : FRANCE

*Produit issu de l'agriculture biologique certifié par FR-BIO-01