Pesto rosso

Indulge in the Pesto Rosso from Oliverie des Baronnies, a company located just 20km from our Factory!

This culinary specialty is a delicious blend of tomato and the invigorating character of basil paired with Parmesan!

An ideal spread for Provence-inspired appetizers or to add a touch of Provencal delight to your recipes!

  • Pot 90g

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What makes this Pesto Rosso unique is its origin. The Baronnies, located in the heart of Provence, are known for their exceptional climate that promotes the growth of aromatic herbs and sun-ripened tomatoes. L'Oliverie des Baronnies harnesses these natural treasures to create authentic and unparalleled recipes. The secret of this Pesto Rosso?

High-Quality Ingredients: L'Oliverie des Baronnies carefully selects each ingredient to ensure exceptional quality, from sun-ripened tomatoes to fresh herbs.

Artisanal Process: Every jar of Pesto Rosso is crafted by a dedicated team working with passion to guarantee an irresistible final product.

Traditional Recipe: This authentic recipe, passed down through generations, combines juicy tomatoes, aromatic herbs, extra virgin olive oil, and Parmesan to create a symphony of flavors.

This Pesto Rosso is a true invitation to culinary creativity. Pair it with your pasta for quick and delicious meals. Spread it on fresh bread or serve it as an appetizer with crisp vegetables for a gourmet touch to your gatherings.

L'Oliverie des Baronnies is based in Entrechaux, just 20km from our factory! At the foot of Mont Ventoux between Nyons and Carpentras, for three generations, olives have been cultivated with a craftsmanship born of passion and time.

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Ingredients: Dried tomato 21%, tomato concentrate, olive oil, sunflower oil, water, parmesan PDO 8%, almonds, basil 6%, garlic, salt. 

Nutritional values per 100g: Energy 1127kj - 273 kcal/ Fat 25g - including saturated fatty acids 2.4g/ Carbohydrates 4.8g - including sugars 1.4g/ Protein 5.6g/ Salt 1.5g