Cranberry & Seed Cookies
Cranberry & Seed Cookies
Cranberry & Seed Cookies

Cranberry & Seed Cookies

Discover our delicious Cranberry & Seed Cookies, an exquisite and organic taste experience. Each bite reveals a harmonious blend of the tart sweetness of cranberry and the crunchy richness of pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Cultivated with passion and respect for nature, our organic ingredients ensure exceptional quality, while our environmental commitment ensures complete satisfaction.

Perfect for a indulgent snack or an energy boost, our cookies are your ideal companion, providing a dose of pleasure and vitality wherever you go.

  • Case 120g

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Immerse yourself in an unforgettable taste experience with our delicious Cranberry & Seed Cookies, an exquisite organic creation that transports you to authentic and natural flavors. Carefully crafted from ingredients sourced from organic farming, each bite reveals a harmonious marriage between the tart sweetness of cranberry, the crunchy richness of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and the tender texture of our cookie dough.

Cranberries, packed with benefits, bring a burst of fruity flavors to our cookies, while the blend of pumpkin and sunflower seeds adds a touch of crunch and unparalleled nutritional richness. Every ingredient has been thoughtfully selected to offer you a gourmet experience that combines pleasure and quality.

For us, organic isn't just a label—it's a commitment. Each of our products comes from organic farming, cultivated with passion and respect for nature. We take pride in guaranteeing the quality of our products, from planting to tasting, so that every moment spent enjoying our cookies is a fully satisfying experience, both for you and for our planet.

Whether for a indulgent snack, an energy boost during a hike, or simply to satisfy a craving, our cranberry and seed cookies are here to accompany you at any time of the day. Their convenient format allows you to take them with you wherever you go, for a dose of pleasure and vitality at your fingertips.

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Ingredients: Organic wheat flour* from Drôme, sugar*, dried cranberries* 17% (cranberry* 60%, sugar*, rapeseed oil*), butter*, seeds* 10% (pumpkin* and sunflower*), eggs*, rapeseed oil*, almonds*, rice flour*, corn flour*, vanilla powder*, raising agent* (wheat starch*, sodium bicarbonate, monopotassium tartrate), salt*

*Ecollogically grown products

Poduced in a factory that handles other nuts

Nutrition values per 100g: Energy: 1884kJ - 450kcal / Fat: 23g / of which Saturated Fat: 8.1g / Carbohydrates: 52g / of which Sugars: 32g / Dietary Fiber: 2.8g / Protein: 7.5g / Salt: 0.26g