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Have you ever seen such an assortment ? Magnificent metal tins to keep preciously with delicious recipes of fine cookies packed by hand with great care. Between Almond Triangles, Vanilla Desires and Folies de Paulettes with candied fruits, you won't find such beautiful and tasty boxes anywhere else! Between shortbread, crunchy or melting cookies, you will discover ancestral recipes with sweet and sometimes forgotten flavors... Discover elegant boxes filled with fine and refined cookies for moments of tasting around a tea or to offer to the finest gourmets...


Assortment of chocolate biscuits

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  • Boite métal : 420g €16.07
Discover our Assortment of chocolate biscuits, 3 gourmet recipes to discover and to offer in a beautiful embossed box.

Tin Box Organic Cookie Assortment

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  • Metal Box 320g €15.12
Our Tin Box Organic Cookie Assortment is the perfect container to enjoy our three organic cookie recipes : IGP Menton Lemon & Almond, Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut and Fig & Hazelnut. Biscuits that are 100% gourmet, 100% organic and ideal as a gift !

Organic traditionnal biscuits assortment

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  • Case 3x70g €7.06
Fall for the Organic traditionnal biscuits assortment, an assortment of three traditional organic biscuit recipes : Craquantes with almonds, Canistrelli with lemon and Navettes with orange flower. Gourmet recipes that are 100% organic !
Traditional biscuits

Organic traditionnal biscuits gift metal box

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  • Metal Box 320g €14.17
Fall for the sublime embossed metal box Biscuiterie de Provence ! A box filled with our 3 recipes of traditional biscuits from the South of France : Organic Orange Blossom Navettes, Organic Almond Craquantes and Organic Lemon Canistrelli. 100% organic, 100% gourmet and 100% traditional sweets.

Box Assortment of biscuits

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  • Metal box 210g €18.01
  • Boîte métal 470g €33.18
Discover the elegant Box Assortment of biscuits filled with fine and refined biscuits for moments of tasting around a tea or to offer to the finest gourmets.  An assortment of tenderly regressive sweets.         
Large Assortment of traditional biscuits - 10 recipes of biscuits

Large Assortment of traditional biscuits

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  • Metal Box 720g €52.13 Sold out
Discover the Large Assortment of traditional biscuits, a delicious assortment of cookies in an XXL format for a gourmet break XXL !
Biscuits for Snacks

Organic Cookie Assortment Pack

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  • Case 210g €7.54
In this Organic Cookie Assortment Pack, you will find our three delicious organic biscuit recipes : IGP Menton Lemon & Almond, Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut, Fig & Hazelnut. Recipes that are 100% gourmet and 100% organic !
Snack cookies

Provencal Aperitif Pack - Croquets

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  • Case 3x50g €7.54
Assortment of three recipes in this Provencal Aperitif Pack : Croquets with Nyons PDO olives, Croquets with Provence tomatoes & Espelette PDO peppers and our Croquets with Pistou & Parmesan PDO, to be enjoyed with a glass of wine, a craft beer, a Muscatel wine...    In short ? Good, tasty and local !  
Snack cookies

Croquets savoury biscuits Gift metal box

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  • Metal Box (4x75g) €14.17
Fall in love with our box of assorted croquets to nibble on ! Discover our Croquets with Nyons PDO olives, our Croquets with Provence tomatoes & Espelette PDO chilli, our Croquets with Pistou & Parmesan PDO and our Croquets with Drôme PGI garlic in this gift box ready to offer.
Big Easter Egg
  • -20%

Big Easter Egg

€9.82 €12.27
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  • Décor fleuri jaune €9.82 €12.27 -20%
  • Décor fleuri rose €9.82 €12.27 -20%
  • Décor fleuri blanc €9.82 €12.27 -20%
  • Décor fleuri bleu €9.82 €12.27 -20%
Offer Easter cookies! Because not everyone necessarily fancies chocolate at Easter, our big Easter Metal Egg provides a surprising alternative. A metal egg adorned with beautiful spring decorations and filled with delicious chocolate cookies and shortbread.

Gift Box Assortments of Biscuits

La Biscuiterie de Provence and Maison Petit Duc have created assortments of sweet or savory biscuits to delight everyone. Inside, you'll discover the delights that we make every day in our workshop in Drôme Provençale. You will find assortments more gourmet than the others, highlighting natural products and favoring local ingredients as much as possible!

Our pleasure combinations are packaged in boxes or metal tins, perfect for reuse or gifting!

Gourmet Assortment of Biscuits from La Biscuiterie de Provence

At La Biscuiterie de Provence, we are creators of sweet and savory delicacies. So, we have concocted for you delicious compositions of our specialties!

Our sweet and savory biscuits that make up our assortments are made every day in Drôme Provençale according to traditional recipes! Our recipes bring together young and old gourmets around French delights. We select and use for each of our artisanal biscuits quality ingredients, an essential element of our Houses aiming to guarantee pleasure with every bite.

The Savory Assortments with Provencal Flavors

Your favorite croquets recipes, brought together in our gourmet assortments! Discover our Provencal aperitif pack with our 3 must-have recipes, featuring good local ingredients:

- Nyons AOP Olives,

- Tomato and Espelette AOP Pepper,

- Pistou and AOP Parmesan.

For even more indulgence, let yourself be tempted by our 300g metal box of croquets. Inside, you'll find our 4 recipes with local products:

- Nyons AOP Olives,

- Tomato and Espelette AOP Pepper,

- Pistou and AOP Parmesan, and finally,

- Garlic from Drôme IGP

The Provencal aperitif pack and the Croquet metal box are both perfect for discovering our products and the flavors of Drôme Provençale. They are also excellent gifts!

The Sweet Assortments

For lovers of sweet flavors, discover the best of our sweet recipes, brought together for the greatest pleasure of sweet lovers.

Our packs:

- Organic Cookies: 3 recipes: dark chocolate & hazelnut, Menton lemon & almond, Fig & Hazelnut.

- Organic traditionnal biscuits assortment: 3 traditional biscuit recipes: Canistrellis, Navettes, Craquantes.

Our metal boxes:

- Traditional Biscuits: A sure value that includes our 3 traditional biscuit recipes: Canistrellis, Navettes, Craquantes. 320g of indulgence.

- Cookies: For cookie lovers, our three recipes have been brought together in a box! Find there: dark chocolate & hazelnut, Menton lemon & almond, and fig & hazelnut.

- All Chocolate: For chocolate lovers, the biscuit factory has reserved for you a 420g metal box of delights, including: Vinsobres chocolate croquettes, chocolate cookies, and our chocolate shortbreads.

Assortments of Biscuits from Le Petit Duc

At Le Petit Duc, find our essential Assortment of biscuits including the most famous of its specialties such as Vanilla Désirés, muscat clovers, or almond triangles. 10 flagship recipes, elegantly arranged in a metal box, for a ready-to-give gift!

Find our delights in 3 box sizes: 210g, 470g, or for the most gourmet with the 710g box containing all the biscuits from the House.

Our special assortments!

During the holiday season, discover our Christmas Stars Metal Box: mixing calissons, raspberry-filled Linz hearts, and cinnamon stars. Perfect for accompanying coffee/tea during the holidays or slipping under the tree.

The Metal Box Made In France , the perfect blend of biscuits and confectionery: it contains calissons, old-fashioned candies, and our biscuits such as Petit Albert hearts, English flowers, and the central element of this composition, our Eiffel Tower; a delicious praline biscuit.

Biscuit boxes for successful gifts

Want an original gift that stands out? Discover our wide collection of gourmet gift ideas. To offer for an occasion or just for pleasure. Our gift boxes are seductive with their elegance and gourmet. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, a fan of classic or modern flavors, find the one that suits you.

Opt for one of our gift boxes, it's supporting the French artisanal know-how of a SME as well as all the local farmers with whom we work to obtain as many natural products as possible from our region. All of our artisanal biscuits are made in our workshop in Saint-Maurice-sur-Eygues, in Drôme Provençale. Moreover, if you wish to make a corporate gift or other, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated section to create a composition that suits you.