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The pride of Nyons (only 14km from our factory), this finely wrinkled black pearl, the tench, has seduced gourmets and gourmands for generations with its delicious fruity notes and its very particular flavor. This variety of olives remains in the eyes of the world, a unique and emblematic treasure which today is presented in the form of oils, culinary preparations such as tapenade, or which is tasted as it is, without any artifice...


Black olive tapenade

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  • Pot 90g €3.74
Black olive tapenade is a culinary delight, highlighting the exceptional flavors of black olives. Its intense taste and creamy texture make it the perfect accompaniment to a refined aperitif !
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Nyons olive oil

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  • Can 25cl €9.43
  • Can 50cl €17.01
Discover this Nyons olive oil from Moulin Dozol, a symbol of Provencal authenticity. Its subtle aromas of green apple and nuts and its PDO certification make it a quality choice for your Mediterranean dishes.
Nyons PDO olives - Moulin Ramade, local producer
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Nyons PDO olives

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  • Jar 220g €5.92 Sold out
Fall for Nyons PDO olives from Moulin Ramade, a producer located 14 km from the Fabrique !    These PDO olives are ideal to enjoy on their own or as an enhancement to a recipe.

Nyons PDO olive tapenade Serret

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  • Pot 90g €5.50
You'll love this Nyons PDO olive tapenade, a delicious spread made with Nyons olives lovingly concocted by a small producer in our village !


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  • Pot 180g €8.29
You'll love the olivade with green olives from Ferme Brès, a local producer located in Nyons (13 km from the factory).   Enjoy this olivade as an aperitif toast on slices of toasted bread, or as an accompaniment to steamed vegetables, fresh seasonal vegetables or pasta.  Made with green olives, Nyons olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and basil, this olivade...


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  • Pot 180g €8.29
Discover this affinade from Ferme Brès ! A spread made in Nyons, 13km from the Fabrique, with organic PDO black olives from Nyons.  An ideal Provencal culinary specialty to enjoy as an aperitif or to add to your gourmet culinary preparations !
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Black olives from Nyons

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  • Bag 250g €6.11
Go for Black olives from Nyons, with their unique flavor and PDO label.   Domaine des Arches olives are grown in Nyons (14km from the factory), and are renowned for their melt-in-the-mouth texture and subtle taste.

Nyons olives confit and orange

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  • Pot 90g €4.03
Indulge in Oliverie des Baronnies' Nyons Olive Confit with Orange, a company located just 20 km from La Fabrique! This culinary specialty is a delightful fusion of olives and the invigorating character of orange! An ideal spread for Provencal-flavored appetizers or to add a touch of Provencal delight to your recipes!
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  • Moulin 145g €6.11
Explore new Mediterranean flavors with this black olive and rosemary sea salt grinder. This exquisite blend of sea salt, carefully selected olives, and fresh rosemary creates an explosion of flavors that will delightfully enhance all your dishes.
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Black olive and rosemary mustard

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  • Cylinder 130g €5.17
Discover Savor&Sens' black olive and rosemary mustard, a creation with a velvety texture and infused with olive pieces. An ideal condiment to accompany a variety of dishes!

The Best Nyons Black Olives AOP

Nyons, located in the south of the Drôme region, is renowned for its black olives, also known as Tanche olives. This fruit is prized by culinary enthusiasts for its flavorful flesh and juicy texture. To recognize the rarity of this olive, the Tanches have been protected by an appellation of origin since 1968.

To enhance your dishes, whether eaten plain, in tapenade, in oil, or in other forms, the olives from our region will be your precious asset! This fruit with a distinctive character will seduce you with its typical taste of the region, instantly transporting you to the heart of the climate of the Provencal Baronnies.

Discovering the Secrets of Nyons Olives

The Tanche olive reigns supreme in the hills of the Provencal Baronnies due to its unique character. It is in this Mediterranean terroir that this olive variety thrives.

The cultivation of Nyons olives is more than an agricultural tradition; it is an art passed down from generation to generation. Local farmers perpetuate ancestral cultivation techniques, from pruning the olive trees to harvesting the fruits, which are hand-picked starting in November.

The Nyons olive is a symbol of local identity and the ancestral work carried out in the Drôme!

Our Selection of Nyons Olive Producers

At the Biscuiterie de Provence, we are proud of our terroir and the riches it offers us! To share this pride throughout France, we have selected Nyons olive producers for you to accompany all your culinary moments.

La Ferme Brès: Organic Nyons Olive Producer

La Ferme Brès works and harvests its olives according to artisanal know-how! They meticulously select their olives to keep only the best. At La Ferme Brès, the Nyons olive is a family story that began in 1829 and continues to this day!

Le Moulin Ramade: Nyons Oil Mill

Le Moulin Ramade is also a family story. It began in 1904 when Jules Ramade fell in love with the region and bought a mill in Nyons to work and harvest olives. He embarked his entire family on this adventure, which continues to this day.

Oliverie des Baronnies

Oliverie des Baronnies is a story of olive work that spans three generations, with know-how that has been passed down throughout this period. The olives all come from their family estate.

Our Nyons producers are all committed to offering the best through their products so that you can fully discover and enjoy the flavors of the olive.

Find Nyons olives on our online store

On our online store or directly, you can find a variety of products from different houses in the region to accompany your meals!

Specialty products made from Nyons black olives

In our selection of Nyons olive-based products, we have everything you need to complement your appetizers or cooked dishes! Find olivades, affinades, or tapenades... for a flavorful olive tasting. However, if you are looking for a product made from olives, we also have what you need with our terrines.

Our Organic Nyons AOP Olive Croquets

To celebrate the richness of our terroir, we have created a recipe for croquets with Nyons AOP black olives. Croquets are savory biscuits perfect for appetizers, salads, or enjoyed with cheese. They are highly appreciated for the richness of the olive they offer.