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Fabergé egg

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  • Lily of the valley decoration €13.50
  • Red Gold Diamond decoration €13.50
  • Gold beige decor €13.50
  • Red gold square diamond decoration €13.50
  • Clover green decoration €13.50
  • Décor bleu fleurs €13.50
  • bleu foncé or €13.50
  • Décor jaune €13.50
  • Green, red and gold decoration €13.50
  • Décor Vert fleurs €13.50
  • Décor beige bleu €13.50
  • Décor rose €13.50

Chocolate Eggshells Box

Le Petit Duc
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  • Eggs box 3x3 €22.50
For Easter, please chocolate lovers with our Chocolate Eggshells Box. Discover 3 hazelnut praline eggs and 3 Crêpes dentelle praline eggs. Super chocolatey recipes in real eggshells !
Original Creations

Chocolate Praline Shell Egg Hazelnut Pieces

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  • Eggshell 50g €4.75
You'll love our Chocolate Praline Shell Egg Hazelnut Pieces, a tasty blend of over 50 % hazelnut praline and 45 % milk chocolate. All this deliciousness is placed in a real shell egg, carefully prepared. A super-chocolatey delight for gourmets !
Original Creations

Eggshell Chocolate Praline Crêpes Lace

Le Petit Duc
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  • Eggshell 50g €4.75
For Easter, please chocolate lovers with our Eggshell Chocolate Praline Crêpes Lace.Real eggshells are filled with a multitude of delicious ingredients ! A delicious combination of milk chocolate, hazelnut praline and the famous Breton biscuit : crêpes dentelle.

Organic Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Cookies

Biscuiterie de Provence
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  • Case 120g €4.65
  • Bulk 480g €10.95
Organic cookies with dark Latin American chocolate and chunky hazelnuts.
Original Creations

Dark chocolate cake PANAMA

Le Petit Duc
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  • Case 225g €11.00
An incomparably moist cake with a delicious flavor of dark chocolate ...
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Almond and Valrhona dark chocolate Macaroons

Biscuiterie de Provence
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  • Case 130g €5.55
Fall for our Almond and Valrhona dark chocolate Macaroons.  These delicacies combine the softness of almonds with the intensity of Valrhona® Guanaja heart dark chocolate... A delight with an intense aromatic profile for all dark chocolate lovers.    Gluten-free and milk-free macaroons !  

Dark chocolate and praline tablet

Le Petit Duc
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  • Tablette 70g €7.50
Dark chocolate bar 60 % Filled with hazelnut praline
Family biscuit maker since 1833

Heir to a know-how around almonds for 6 generations, our biscuit factory, located in Drôme Provençale, seduces lovers of delicacies with high quality salty and sweet biscuits. A passion passed down from father to son that allows us today to distinguish ourselves as a manufacturer of traditional, organic and gluten-free cookies and cakes. For over 20 years, our factory has innovated with recipes rich in almonds, made with 100% noble ingredients of natural origin, without coloring, without preservatives and without palm oil. Rigorously selected ingredients, as much as possible from local productions, perpetuating the love of the Provençal terroir and the search for excellence.

Find all of our savory and sweet treats in our online store, as well as a nice selection of homegrown products!


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