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Discover the authenticity of Provencal flavors with our exquisite selection of Provence honeys. We take pride in collaborating with local suppliers, located just steps away from our Factory. Our lavender, flower, and garrigue honeys are cultivated with passion by dedicated artisan beekeepers committed to quality and tradition. Each jar of honey we offer is the result of meticulous work and expertise passed down through generations. Savor the very essence of Provence in every spoonful, and let yourself be carried away by the richness of aromas and the purity of our honeys. Experience a unique tasting by exploring our collection of Provence honeys, guaranteed to awaken your taste buds and add an authentic touch to your indulgent moments. Order now and treat yourself to the delightful taste of Provence, delivered directly to your doorstep.

Lavender honey - Rucher Vahé
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Lavender honey

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  • Pot 250g €7.44
Discover an exceptional lavender honey, harvested in the Drôme by Rucher Vahé. Its delicate flavor and floral notes make it a perfect choice for lovers of refined honey. Enjoy its creamy sweetness and lavender taste !
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Flower honey

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  • Pot 250g €7.44
Indulge in flower honey from Rucher Vahé, the small-scale honey producer by excellence !      Rucher Vahé, beekeeper and honey producer in Vinsobres, invites you to discover the delicacies of the apiary. Harvesting as the flowers bloom, the apiary offers high-quality honeys with incomparable flavors...
Honey from Garrigue - Rucher Vahé
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Honey from Garrigue

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  • Pot 250g €7.44
Indulge in Honey from Garrigue from Rucher Vahé, a beekeeper-producer located in Vinsobres, just 7km from the Fabrique ! Discover a honey with racy, full-bodied, lingering Mediterranean flavours.
Honeys and jams

Lavender honey Haas Maury

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  • Pot en verre 500g €13.70
Discover the lavender honey from Haas Maury Farm. A honey with an exceptionally creamy texture and a light color, as it is very pure and finely crystallized. This makes it perfect for spreading on your toast: it doesn't drip and spreads perfectly. Experience the flavors of Provence with this artisanal honey, the result of a family craftsmanship passed...

Honeys from Provence : discover great Local Honey Suppliers

Rucher Vahé

Located in the neighboring village of our Factory, Rucher Vahé is a beekeeper and producer based in the heart of Provencal Drôme, in the town of Vinsobres. Our family-run operation, active for several generations, is where our delicious honeys with diverse flavors are born. These honeys are categorized based on the departments where our bees forage. In spring, our hives are deployed in Isère to harvest the delicate acacia nectar, then in Ardèche for the bitterness of chestnut, before returning to Drôme to conclude this apicultural journey by producing our lavender and garrigue honey. You will be captivated by the diversity of our bee products.

Haas Maury Farm

The Haas-Maury Farm, located in Venterol just 17 km from our Factory, is a family business whose expertise has been passed down through generations since 1834.

The honey produced at Haas-Maury Farm is the result of the meticulous work of bees, collecting the precious nectar from lavender flowers. Through environmentally friendly apiculture methods, the purity and aromatic richness of the honey are carefully preserved. Each jar of honey is the result of a natural process, without any additives or alterations.

Types of honeys from Provence in Our Online Shop

Lavender Honey

Discover our delicious lavender honey, a true treasure with enchanting aromas. Carefully selected from producers in Provencal Drôme, it offers a delicate and floral flavor. Rich in natural benefits, this honey is not only delicious but also beneficial for your health. With its velvety texture and sweet taste, this honey offers a variety of options for enjoyment. It is delightful spread on a slice of fresh bread, added to a cup of hot tea, or used subtly in various culinary preparations. Its delicate notes harmonize seamlessly with mild cheeses or yogurts, creating a perfectly balanced flavor profile.

Flower Honeys

The flower honey from Rucher Vahé is an authentic treasure from our region, carefully collected in the heart of Provencal Drôme. Its creamy texture and deliciously sweet flavor will charm you, reminiscent of the gentle nuances of wildflowers.

Each spoonful of this flower honey reveals an explosion of natural flavors and aromas. The expert foraging bees have traversed meadows and fields to collect nectar from the most fragrant flowers. The result is a complex and generous honey, offering a harmony of floral notes and exquisite sweetness.

Rucher Vahé's flower honey is a high-quality product from a family-run operation committed for generations. The apiary places great importance on preserving traditional production methods while respecting the balance of nature. Each jar of honey testifies to the expertise passed down through generations, ensuring exceptional quality.

Garrigue Honey

The composition of garrigue honey is the result of a blend of various flowering plants, including thyme, white heather, blackberry, white clover, asphodel, savory, lavender, and rosemary. These iconic plants from the Mediterranean region impart characteristic aromas to garrigue honey. Rosemary adds a touch of sweetness, thyme contributes a powerful fragrance and medicinal virtues, while lavender offers a persistent fruity note. Other melliferous plants like savory and oregano also contribute to this symphony of flavors. Let yourself be seduced by the exceptional taste of garrigue honey, evoking the beauty and diversity of Provence!

Honey in Our Biscuit Recipes

Our Soft Almond Macarons with IGP Provence Honey and our Honey & Lavender Biscotti

For those seeking an authentic taste of Provence, our soft macarons with IGP Provence honey and our biscotti with honey and lavender are a sensory and gustatory escape. Let yourself be enchanted by the floral fragrance of lavender and the richness of honey in every crunch. A true invitation to relaxation and well-being.

Don't resist temptation and order now from our online store. Our delicious creations from Biscuiterie de Provence are ready to delight your taste buds. Treat yourself to the taste of Provence, delivered directly to your doorstep. Bon appétit!