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Organic Cranberry and Seed Mix...
Organic Cranberry and Seed Mix...
Organic Cranberry and Seed Mix...

Organic Cranberry and Seed Mix Cookies in Bulk

Discover our Organic Cranberry and Seed Mix Bulk Cookies, a large format bag for even more enjoyment!

The extra touch: These cookies are made with ingredients exclusively sourced from Organic Farming.

  • Case 120g
  • Bulk 480g

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Discover our wonderful Organic Bulk Cranberry and Seed Mix Cookies! These delicious organic biscuits are inspired by the freshness of cranberry combined with a seed mix.

An exquisite organic creation that transports you to authentic and natural flavors. Carefully crafted from ingredients sourced from organic farming. Each bite reveals a harmonious marriage between the tangy sweetness of cranberry, the crunchy richness of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and the tender texture of our cookie dough.

Ingredients sourced from organic farming, mostly local such as wheat flour from Drôme, have been selected to enhance the sweetness of these Organic Cranberry and Seed Mix Cookies. A burst of cranberry flavor and seed crunchiness explodes in the mouth upon tasting, exquisite treats for a hyper-gourmet moment!

This family-sized format allows everyone to discover their favorite tasting experience: dipped in coffee, in a glass of milk, or enjoyed alone for cookie enthusiasts... These cookies are a sure value for snack time, a moment to relive childhood just for a moment!

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La Biscuiterie de Provence is a family-owned business for 6 generations. Each of our productions is always carefully considered by our multidisciplinary teams, resulting in innovative recipes and biscuits with: ZERO coloring, artificial flavor, chemical additive, preservative, GMOs, palm oil!