Black Olive and Rosemary Sea Salt

Black Olive and Rosemary Sea Salt

Explore new Mediterranean flavors with this black olive and rosemary sea salt grinder. This exquisite blend of sea salt, carefully selected olives, and fresh rosemary creates an explosion of flavors that will delightfully enhance all your dishes.

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Discover culinary excellence with this black olive and rosemary sea salt grinder, an irresistible invitation to Mediterranean flavors that will brighten every meal.

This premium sea salt grinder combines the robust character of carefully selected black olives with the fresh and fragrant aroma of rosemary. Each turn of the grinder releases an explosion of flavors that will elevate your dishes with a refined and gourmet touch. Sun-soaked black olives bring deep richness and a distinctive salty note, while perfectly harvested rosemary offers a subtle aromatic freshness. Together, these ingredients create an exquisite blend that evokes the sunny spirit of the Mediterranean with every use. The sea salt grinder is equipped with an adjustable grinding mechanism, allowing you to customize the grind size according to your preferences, whether for a delicate sprinkle on a fresh salad or to enhance the flavor of grilled meat.

Practical and aesthetically pleasing, the black olive and rosemary sea salt grinder also makes an ideal gift for culinary enthusiasts and connoisseurs seeking unique taste experiences. Bring a Mediterranean touch to your table and immerse yourself in the delightful encounter of salt, black olives, and rosemary.

Savor&Sens products originate from its factory located in Signes, Var. From label design to packaging, and product conception, each element is meticulously thought out, developed, and created in France. A completely French culinary savoir-faire. The brand shines in over 44 countries, from France to the United States and Australia. In France, it is available in over 2500 points of sale, making its products accessible across the country. 

Sea salt, (contains anti-caking agent), rosemary 2%, dried black olives 1.3%, flavor, caramel coloring: E150b.

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