Black olive and rosemary mustard

Black olive and rosemary mustard

Discover Savor&Sens' black olive and rosemary mustard, a creation with a velvety texture and infused with olive pieces. An ideal condiment to accompany a variety of dishes!

  • Cylinder 130g

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Indulge in Savor&Sens' black olive and rosemary mustard. An original creation with Provencal flavors, perfect for adding a unique and distinctive touch to your dishes.

Savor&Sens crafts innovative mustard recipes with French products, showcasing the richness and delicious taste of our offerings. This mustard, infused with black olives and rosemary, promises a successful taste experience.

Black olives, Mediterranean gems, are cherished for their rich and distinctive flavor. Their unique taste evokes salty and robust notes, complemented by the freshness of rosemary. The fleshy texture of black olives adds unparalleled depth to this mustard, ideal for enhancing your dishes.

In this delightful recipe, black olives and rosemary are meticulously blended with the mustard, creating an exquisite flavor combination. This unique blend offers a light and characterful mustard, perfect for elevating the taste of your favorite dishes. Each bite reveals a harmonious balance between the richness of black olives and the subtlety of the mustard, promising a memorable culinary experience.

Savor&Sens is committed to creating products that capture the iconic flavors of France, incorporating original notes. In this delightful mustard, olive pieces are incorporated for an exceptional experience. A bold mustard that delights the taste buds.

The black olive and rosemary mustard is a small delight that pairs perfectly with many dishes. Whether with good meat or a salad, the combination of olive and rosemary brings an unprecedented flavor.

A gustatory treasure that deserves to be tasted and appreciated at its true value by all lovers of terroir.

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Mustard 92% (mustard seeds, water, vinegar, salt, sugar, preservative: sodium bisulfite), extra virgin olive oil 4%, black olives 3% (water, salt), rosemary 0.8%, natural flavor.

Energy value: 851kJ (205.1kcal); fats: 14.9g; of which saturated fatty acids: 1.3g; carbohydrates: 12.7g; of which sugars: 5.5g; dietary fibers: 5.1g; proteins: 7.6g; salt: 4.9g.