Apricot croquets - crunchy and sweet biscuits with a good taste of Provence
    Apricot croquets
    Apricot croquets
    Apricot croquets - crunchy and sweet biscuits with a good taste of Provence
    Apricot croquets

    Enjoy the typical flavours of Provence in these Apricot croquets, sweet biscuits with large pieces of apricots and almonds.

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    Discover our crunchy and sweet biscuits with a good taste of Provence : the Apricot Croquets.

    A sweet delicacy that crunches under the tooth, with its large pieces of apricots and almonds, reminiscent of our beautiful sunny region. Each of the ingredients has been carefully selected and highlights regional products to provide this irresistible crunch : wheat flour from the Drôme, small spelt from Mont Ventoux ; cultivated for thousands of years, small spelt from Mont Ventoux, also known as the caviar of cereals, has the particularity of still being cultivated in the traditional way ; and good apricots for a little softness, a sweet and slightly acid taste. More than 15% of apricots are present in these Croquets, they bring greediness, but also typical flavours of the South of France !

    These Apricot Croquets are to be enjoyed with tea or lemonade and, why not, a fruit salad !

    Our entire range of sweet Croquets is reminiscent of Provencal flavours. Discover our Lavender & Provence Honey or Fig Croquets ! Our wonderful teams also make savoury Croquets, for the greatest pleasure of gourmets ! A multitude of flavours are to be discovered : Olive, Picodon, Pistou, Black Garlic, Drôme Garlic IGP or Tomato and Espelette Pepper.

    These little biscuits are designed and made by our pastry chefs in our workshops in the heart of the Drôme Provençale, in Saint Maurice sur Eygues. The Biscuiterie de Provence uses, as much as possible, ingredients from local production in order to enhance the richness of the land and the local sun-drenched products. The delicacies are designed to meet the desires of our consumers, but also to promote each of the key products of the Drôme Provençale.

    Ingredients : wheat flour from Drôme, sugar, apricots 17%, almonds, milk, small spelled flour from Mont Ventoux, free-range eggs, baking powder (wheat starch, sodium bicarbonate, monopotassium tartrate), salt, natural flavoring of apricot.

    Pour 100 g : Energie/Energy: 1695 kj 401 kcal, Matières grasses/Fat/ : 7,5 g, Dont acides gras saturés/Of which satured fat: 0,7 g, Glucides/Carbohydrates:73 g, Dont sucres/of which sugars: 29 g, Fibre alimentaires/ dietary fiber/Ballaststoffe: 4,1g Protéines/Protein: 11g, Sel/Salt: 1,13 g

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