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Fall for our Almond and Honey Macaroons from Provence. Made according to traditional methods, our almond macaroons are appreciated for their soft centre and their delicate flavour of good honey.    
Gluten-free and dairy-free treats !  

Discover our Almond and Honey Macaroons from Provence, two delicious flavours in one soft biscuit !    

Our macaroons are made with good products in the service of an exquisite traditional recipe created by our pastry chefs. Macaroons are the success of the Biscuiterie de Provence, they are not too sweet and extremely soft. With more than 40% almonds and honey from Provence PGI, our Macaroons are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Honey from Provence PGI is produced from nectar collected by bees from the flora of Provence.    

Naturally gluten-free and dairy-free, these sweets are certainly the stars of our sweet biscuits, pleasing both young and old alike ! Our expertise and our control measures allow us to guarantee the absence of gluten in the dedicated workshop, which is validated by analyses and audits. You will therefore find the famous AFDIAG crossed wheat ear on all our packaging of Macaroons and other gluten-free products.    

These Almond and Honey Macaroons from Provence IGP are ideal to enjoy with coffee or tea.    

For the great gourmets and lovers of our Macaroons, discover a multitude of flavours : Lemon, Hazelnut, Chocolate, Fig, Organic Almond or even Valrhona Chocolate. Each of our Macaroons is baked according to a traditional recipe and contains a good dose of almond. Every gourmand will find his favourite Macaroon flavour ! Discover these sweets in a box or in bulk.  

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Without milk
Gluten free

(Re) discover our Almond and Vanilla cake with its simply irresistible melting texture...
This gluten-free cake combines the sweetness of vanilla with the wonderful taste of almond.
We are sure you will love it !

With over 30% almonds and natural vanilla extract, our moist cake is irresistible ! Each of our ingredients is carefully selected to guarantee a source of sweetness for the taste buds. These tasty ingredients result in a gluten-free, low-sugar, super moist Almond and Vanilla cake.

Baked in a steel pan, thanks to a home-made recipe, you will have the pleasure of savouring their soft texture and inimitable fondant. This Almond and Vanilla cake can be kept for more than a year, the flavours will still be as delicious !
Ready to eat, you can serve your almond cake at dessert time, accompanied by a scoop of sorbet and some fresh raspberries. As for the more athletic, they will appreciate it for its quick unmoulding during a picnic !

All our soft cakes are gluten-free and are made and packaged in a dedicated workshop within the Biscuiterie de Provence. A workshop audited and certified by the Afdiag label guaranteeing the absence of gluten for coeliacs.

Discover our range of ready-to-eat gluten-free cakes : organic almonds, organic Menton lemon, lemon, chestnut, fig & grap, organic chocolate, organic hazelnut, organic orange, Valrhona dark chocolate as well as Calisson and Panama dark chocolate cake. In each of these cakes, you will find a nice dose of almond to gain energy and greediness. With this multitude of cakes, each gourmand will find his favourite cake, adapted to the season, but also to his tastes and desires !
Those with a sweet tooth can also take advantage of our free 3+1 soft cake set, the perfect way to find your favourite flavour !

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Gluten free

Our Fleurs anglaises are buttery shortbread with a melt-in-the-mouth texture that will please young and old gourmets alike ! 

Enjoy this recipe of the Fleurs anglaises, which originated in England in the 18th century, above all for its light yet intense consistency.    
The basis of a good shortbread with wheat flour, good butter, sugar, eggs, a touch of salt... and a little twist ? almonds for a lot of deliciousness of course !    

The Fleurs anglaises are accompanied by a very good tea, very simple and tasty. It doesn't take much to enjoy a good shortbread, does it ?  
For those who are fond of Le Petit Duc cookies, discover our metal box of assorted cookies composed of 10 sweet treats ! 

You'll love this drome Apricot jam, a home-made jam lovingly concocted in Provence from local, seasonal fruit.
A Provencal treasure made just a few kilometres from the Fabrique !

Discover the delicious Apricot jam from Confiture de ma femme, a home-made jam lovingly prepared in Provence from local, seasonal fruit. Each jar of jam is the fruit of meticulous care and traditional know-how handed down from generation to generation.

The secret of the apricot exceptional flavour lies in its ideal exposure to the sun. The sun-drenched orchards produce fruit bursting with sweetness and juiciness, resulting in a jam of incomparable quality. Each bite is an explosion of flavour, with the perfect combination of sweetness and acidity. This home-made jam is prepared using traditional methods. The apricots are carefully selected when fully ripe, then washed and pitted by hand to preserve their integrity. They are then cooked slowly, allowing the flavours to develop fully and creating a smooth, delicious jam.

Each jar of jam is prepared with love and passion by Confiture de ma femme, who ensures that every stage of the process is carried out with the utmost care. The result is a jam of exceptional quality, capturing all the sweetness and freshness of the apricot.

By choosing this apricot jam, you're also supporting local, sustainable agriculture. What makes this apricot jam even more special is that it is prepared by hand in the traditional way, in Saint-Cécile-les-Vignes, just a few kilometres from the Fabrique. This producer puts all her passion into each jar, following traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation.

So you can be sure of tasting an authentic, high-quality apricot jam. Let yourself be seduced by its delicate flavours and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Perfect with toast, yoghurt or even to add a sweet touch to your favourite desserts. Treat yourself to a moment of gustatory pleasure with this Apricot jam and let yourself be transported to the heart of Provence with every bite !

For jam lovers, discover all the jams made by Confiture de ma Femme!

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