Box Organic Calissons - metal box with the purified design containing our delicious Calissons Bio little sweetened and very soft

Box Organic Calissons

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Discover our delicious Box Organic Calissons, powdered sweets made with care. Thanks to cane sugar, these confections offer an unforgettable taste experience.    
Petit Duc calissons are low in sugar, extremely soft and have a delicious almond flavor.  

  • Metal Box 230g

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Average rating: 8/10 Number of reviews: 1


Box Organic Calissons offer an unforgettable gourmet experience. These sweet, powdery delights are carefully crafted using top-quality cane sugar.

Organic calissons are fine confections from Provence, combining the crunch of almonds with the softness of candied fruit. What makes them even more special is the use of top-quality cane sugar. The cane sugar used is carefully selected to guarantee a delicate flavor and melt-in-the-mouth texture.  

Cane sugar gives organic calissons a sweet, subtle taste, without being sickening. It also adds a light caramelized note that blends perfectly with the other ingredients. Thanks to its powdery finish, every bite of these calissons is a real treat for the taste buds.    

Our Box Organic Calissons is made using traditional methods, with craftsmanship that guarantees its exceptional quality. Each piece is precision-cut and covered with a fine royal glaze, adding a touch of sweetness and shine to every bite. Prior to the time of manufacture, at the end of the 19th century, sugar was a rare commodity, used sparingly. We followed the same principle during the hours we spent studying recipes from before the calisson d'Aix, to finally arrive at our Calisson de Saint-Rémy... low in sugar, extremely soft and with a delicious almond taste.    

The Box Organic Calissons is perfect for any occasion. It makes a delicious gift for your loved ones, or can simply be enjoyed during a moment of relaxation.   By choosing organic calissons in a metal box, you're opting for quality confectionery, made with natural, environmentally-friendly ingredients.    
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cane sugar *, almonds *, orange peel *, invert sugar syrup *, eggs*, wafer leaf* (potato starch*, vegetable oil*).

* Products from Organic Farming.
Produced in a workshop that handles milk, other nuts and gluten.

Valeurs nutritionnelles pour - nutrition values per 100g : Energie - Energy : 1658kJ - 396kcal / Matières grasses - Fat : 11g / dont acides gras saturés - of which satured Fat : 0,02g / glucides - carbohydrates : 71g / dont sucres-of which sugars : 7,3g / protéines - protein : 4,0g / sel - salt : 0,07g.

Calissons bio
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Sucre glace émietté