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Discover our Organic Canistrelli with lemon, crunchy biscuits from Corsica with a good lemon taste, to be found in a small package ready to offer !

Treat your loved ones with this delicious lemon gift ! Originally from the Isle of Beauty, these traditional cookies are appreciated for their crunchy texture and delicate flavor

Organic Canistrelli with lemon are small, crispy biscuits of Corsican origin. Made with wheat flour, small spelt from Haute-Provence PGI and a good dose of organic lemon, they owe their delicate texture and subtle aromas to extra virgin olive oil combined with white wine. The dough is mixed to a firm consistency, then shaped into small rectangular cookies. They are then baked until golden and crisp, offering an irresistible texture with every bite.

They are perfect with a good coffee, tea or cooler drinks to remind you of summer and Mediterranean flavours. Packaged in a pretty little box, the Canistrelli are an original and tasty gift.    

Organic Canistrelli with lemon is loved by all food lovers !    
And one, and two, and three, it's hard to stop picking from the box !  

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Fall for our Organic traditional orange blossom biscuits in gift format, a lightly shortbreaded biscuit with a delicious orange blossom flavour.

Our delicious Organic traditional orange blossom biscuits are also available in gift format ! For an original and tasty gift, try these little biscuits with orange blossom.    

The subtle flavour of orange blossom is enhanced by quality ingredients such as wheat flour from the Drôme or small spelt flour from Haute Provence PGI.  
A unique texture and shuttles that contribute to the success of the Biscuiterie de Provence. The Organic traditional orange blossom biscuits is a deliciously fragrant Provencal pastry appreciated for its subtle flavor and distinctive shape. This traditional cookie is shaped like a small boat, hence the name "navette", and is flavored with orange blossom, giving it a delicate, refreshing taste.  

Our Organic traditional orange blossom biscuits are tenderly sanded biscuits will delight young and old gourmets alike.  
Think of this gourmet gift for your beloved ones !  

For an ideal gift, think of our Organic Canistrelli with lemon in a gift box !

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Discover our Classic Nougat, a sweet treat ideal for gourmet breaks !
The Nougat du Petit Duc is a tender nougat, neither too hard nor too soft, which doesn't stick to the teeth and is always less sweet than usual, revealing the delicious taste of the fruit...

Fall for our Classic Nougat Bar, this delicious sweet combines a soft texture with a delicate flavour for an unforgettable taste experience.

The classic nougat bar is made from simple, high-quality ingredients such as honey, almonds and egg whites. These ingredients are carefully blended to create a soft, slightly sticky texture, with crunchy almond slivers adding a touch of richness and flavour. Petit Duc nougat is the product of an age-old Provencal recipe, made in copper vats for a guarantee of authenticity. The result is a tender nougat that is neither too hard nor too soft, that doesn't stick to your teeth and that is always less sweet than usual, revealing the delicious taste of the fruit...

Nougat has been a popular confection for centuries. Its origins date back to the time of the Roman Empire, and since then it has become a popular sweet in many cultures around the world. Petit Duc's classic nougat bar continues this tradition by offering an authentic and timeless experience. It embodies the authenticity and art of confectionery, offering a nostalgic experience with every bite.

This classic nougat bar is ideal for satisfying sweet cravings or for sharing during a gourmet break.

Nougat lovers will be delighted with our full range : Pistachio white NougatPine Nuts Nougat and Nougat of Cevennes. For those with a sweet tooth, take advantage of our nougat pack to discover our 4 flavours : 3+1 free !