Metal box Paris 2024

Metal box Paris 2024

Let yourself be tempted by the delicious metal box assortment of Biscuits Paris! A gourmet selection with the flavors of our beautiful France, to taste without moderation. It is a gift to offer yourself that promises to delight your taste buds for sure!

  • Metal box 190g

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Fall for the metal box assortment of Biscuits Paris! Le Petit Duc has decided to create for you an original box with the flavors of our beautiful France. As a country of gastronomy, France is full of delights to discover, and this selection of biscuits invites you to travel through the history and flavors of our country!

In the Paris box, you will find a variety of delights to satisfy the different palates:

- Les Cacaos Amandes Petit Duc: These biscuits, from an 18th century recipe, subtly combine cocoa and whole almonds for a crunchy and gourmet experience.

- Les Fleurs Anglaises: Well buttered shortbreads with a melting texture in the mouth, a recipe inherited from the 18th century that will delight young and old.

- Eiffel Tower Biscuit: A deliciously buttery shortbread with delicious pralines for a perfect harmony of flavours.

The metal box assortment of Biscuits Paris is a real delight to offer or to offer! Presented in an elegant metal box illustrated with the charming city of Paris, it will seduce lovers of delicacies.

It should be noted that all the Petit Duc’s biscuit recipes come from an ancestral know-how and are made every day in our workshops in the Drôme Provençale, with the finest ingredients.

Treat yourself to a real Parisian treat with this beautiful assortment box of Biscuits Paris! It is a gift that promises to delight the taste buds and make travel in France and its capital.


Drôme wheat flour, butter 24%, sugar, eggs, almonds 6%, pralines 2%, (sugar, almonds, glucose syrup, natural dyes: extracts of purple carrot and sweet potato, rapeseed oil), cocoa 0.5%, pure vanilla extract, baking powder (wheat starch, sodium bicarbonate, tartrate mono potassic), salt.

Made in a workshop using other nuts

Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100g : 

Energie 1046 kJ/465 kcal ; Matières grasses : 25g ; dont acide gras saturés : 14g ; Glucides : 51g ; dont sucres : 22g ; Protéines : 8,1g ; Sel : 0,08g