Morel terrine

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Discover the morel terrine from Maison Telme, a gastronomic treasure from Provence. Immerse yourself in an exceptional taste experience with the authenticity of Provençal flavors and the rarity of morels.

  • Pot 200g

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Maison Telme embodies the excellence of Provençal gastronomy for generations. Located in the heart of this iconic region of French cuisine, it perpetuates an ancestral craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation. The morel terrine from Maison Telme is a reflection of this heritage, where tradition and innovation come together to offer an unparalleled taste experience.

Morels, nature's treasure, take the spotlight in this terrine. These wild mushrooms, with their inimitable aroma, are harvested from the forests of Provence. Their deep and complex flavor adds a unique dimension to this terrine, making each bite an unforgettable sensory journey.

At Telme, their passion for Provençal cuisine is translated into exceptional craftsmanship. The meticulous preparation of the terrine follows traditional methods, ensuring a creamy texture and unparalleled flavor.

When you taste this morel terrine, you discover a perfect balance between the richness of the morels, the sweetness of the preparation, and the unique Provençal character. Each bite transports you to the sunny hills of Provence, where the generous nature offers its treasures.

It can be enjoyed with toast, served with a fresh salad, or incorporated into your favorite recipes to add a touch of Provençal elegance. It's a perfect choice for your charcuterie platters or to create refined assortments.

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Ingredients: pork meat**, pork liver**, poultry liver*, morels 5%, salt*, spices, Marc de Provence

* origin France

** Hautes-Alpes mountain pork

Energy values per 100 g: 1661 kJ/402 kcal; fats 39g of which saturated fats 14g; carbohydrates 1.2g of which sugars <0.5g; proteins 11g; salt 1.8 g