Christmas Metal Box Calissons

Christmas Metal Box Calissons

You'll love the Metal Box Calissons, with its lightly sweetened, super-soft Calissons and delicious almond flavour.
This tin is ideal as a gift or to share !

  • Metal Box 230g

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Calissons are traditional Provençal delicacies that delight the taste buds with their perfect combination of almonds, candied fruit and sugar. These sweets are often considered to be one of the treasures of Provençal cuisine !

Calissons are made with care and expertise, using high-quality ingredients to guarantee an exceptional taste experience. Almonds, which are the main ingredient at over 35%, are finely ground to create a smooth, creamy paste. This paste is then blended with sugar and candied fruit to create a harmonious, delicate flavour.

The history of the Calissons du Petit Duc goes back a long way, to the time before the factory was founded, at the end of the 19th century, when sugar was a rare commodity, used sparingly. We followed the same principe during the hours we spent studying recipes from before the Calisson d'Aix, to finally arrive at our Calisson de Saint-Rémy... little sweets that are not very sweet, extremely soft and with a delicious almond flavour.

This Metal Box Calissons is available in several sizes : 100g, 200g, 400g and 920 grams for those with a sweet tooth…

Discover the different flavours created by our pastry chefs : Damask Rose, Orange, Pistachio, Lavender and Ginger ! Calissons with original and deliciously gourmet flavours.

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