Citrus Slices Candies

    Citrus Slices Candies

    Discover the Citrus Slices Candies, a confectionery with a nice acidity that will bring pep to your taste buds !

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    Indulge in a beautiful and tasty candy in the shape of citrus slices. Candies with a nice acidity that will wake up your taste buds !

    Full of pep, this tangy citrus confection can be crunched, for those in a hurry, or savoured by letting it melt gently on the tongue. As you go along, the citrus slices release all their flavours.
    A tangy taste, an unparalleled freshness and a remarkable intensity, crunch in Citrus Slices candies full of greed !

    These sweets are packaged in glass jars to encourage recycling and reuse !

    Ingredients : sugar, glucose syrup, acidifier : citric acid, flavors, colors : E100, E160c

    Valeurs nutritionnelles pour - nutrition values per 100g : Energie - Energy :1644kJ - 387kcal / Matières grasses - Fat : 0g / dont acides gras saturés - of which satured Fat :0g / glucides - carbohydrates : 97g / dont sucres-of which sugars : 64g / protéines - protein : 0g / sel - salt : 0,00g.

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