Chesnut cream pot

Chesnut cream pot

Discover a Chesnut cream pot a famous local speciality in a tube for even greater indulgence !  
Whether you spread it on hot crêpes, add it to pastries or enjoy it with a spoon, every bite is an explosion of sweetness and satisfaction.  

  • pot 350g

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Don't miss the Chesnut cream pot, an Ardèche speciality made by the Imbert company in Aubenas, 80 km from the Fabrique !        

Chesnut cream is a veritable treasure trove of flavors, a specialty that combines the sweetness of chestnuts with the finesse of artisanal preparation. Rigorous chestnut selection, quality products and a well-kept recipe are the watchwords of Maison Imbert, which has specialized in this field since 1920.  

Chesnut cream is carefully prepared from Ardèche chestnuts, renowned for their exceptional quality. The selected chestnuts are picked when ripe, then processed using traditional methods that preserve all their natural flavor. Each tube of Chesnut cream contains the quintessence of Aubenas chestnuts, offering an incomparable taste experience.    

Aubenas chestnut cream is distinguished by its smooth, velvety texture that literally melts in the mouth. Its delicate, sweet flavor is balanced to perfection, revealing the subtle aromas of the chestnuts and creating an incomparable harmony of taste.    

The Chesnut cream is versatile and can be used in many ways in your kitchen. You can use it as a garnish for your desserts, incorporate it into your cake recipes, or pair it with cheeses to create daring taste combinations. It's also perfect on its own, simply spread on a slice of toast for a gourmet, comforting break.        

Chesnut cream is the fruit of traditional know-how handed down from generation to generation. By choosing this Chesnut cream, you are supporting a local producer and helping to preserve this traditional culinary heritage.  

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