Honey from Garrigue - Rucher Vahé
Honey from Garrigue - Garrigue honey from a beekeeper and producer
Honey from Garrigue - Rucher Vahé
Honey from Garrigue - Garrigue honey from a beekeeper and producer

Honey from Garrigue

Indulge in Honey from Garrigue from Rucher Vahé, a beekeeper-producer located in Vinsobres, just 7km from the Fabrique !
Discover a honey with racy, full-bodied, lingering Mediterranean flavours.

  • Pot 250g

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The small honey producer by excellence ! The Vahé apiary, a beekeeper and honey producer in Vinsobres, invites you to discover the delicacies of the apiary. Harvesting as the flowers bloom, the apiary produces top-quality honeys with incomparable flavours... The family-run business has been carrying on this tradition for several generations, guaranteeing products of exceptional quality.

Rucher Vahé offers a wide range of honeys from the different departments where the bees gather. In spring, the hives are placed in Isère, where the bees feed on acacia, producing a honey of incomparable finesse. In Ardèche, they gather nectar from the chestnut tree, giving the honey a slight bitterness that delights the taste buds of connoisseurs. Finally, in their home region of the Drôme, the bees produce a lavender and garrigue honey with bewitching aromas.

Indulge in this Honey from Garrigue, a treasure from the Mediterranean region ! The bees gather honey from the flowers and melliferous plants, and the resulting honey is a true reflection of this unique ecosystem, offering racy, full-bodied, long-lasting flavours. The harvesting of garrigue honey is unpredictable due to the hot climate and the difficulty for bees to find enough flowers to feed on. Once harvested, this honey keeps well at room temperature, preserving all its quality.

It is made from a variety of flowers and melliferous plants such as thyme, white heather, bramble, white clover, asphodel, savory, lavender and rosemary. These plants, emblematic of the Mediterranean region, give garrigue honey its characteristic aromas. Rosemary is sweet, thyme has a powerful flavour and medicinal properties, while lavender has a sweet, fruity taste that lingers on the palate. Other melliferous plants such as savory, oregano and buckthorn also contribute to this symphony of flavours. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique taste of garrigue honey, a reminder of the beauty and diversity of Provence !

Imagine yourself savouring this honey with your family, at a gourmet breakfast or in any other convivial setting. The delicate aromas and unique flavours of these honeys will awaken your senses and transport you to the heart of nature in Provence. By choosing Honey from Garrigue from Rucher Vahé and their other beekeeping delights, you're not only supporting a local family business, but also the preservation of bees, which are essential to this ecosystem !

100% honey from Garrigue