Provence Flowers Honey

Provence Flowers Honey

Discover an exceptional Provence Flowers honey, harvested in the Drôme by Rucher Vahé. Its delicate flavor and floral notes make it a perfect choice for lovers of refined honey.
Enjoy its creamy sweetness and Provence Flowers taste !

  • Pot 250g

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small honey producer named Rucher Vahé, beekeeper-producer of honey in Vinsobres, offers you to discover the dishes of the apiary. With harvests over the course of flowering, the apiary offers high quality honey with incomparable flavors...

Discover the delicious Provence Flowers honey from Rucher Vahé, a beekeeper and producer located 7km from La Fabrique ! At this apiary, you'll be delighted by the variety of honeys and their unique flavors, including lavender, garrigue, flowers and much more.

The family business has been perpetuating the beekeeping tradition for several generations. The honeys are qualified according to the different departments where the bees gather. In spring, the hives are placed in Isère to capture the delicacy of acacia. In Ardèche, the bees harvest the bitter nectar of the chestnut tree. Finally, in the Drôme region, bees produce lavender honey, with its bewitching flavors, and garrigue honey, with its wild aromas. Each honey is unique, reflecting the terroirs in which it was born.

Rucher Vahé Provence Flowers honey is the fruit of the meticulous work of bees, who gather the precious nectar from Provence Flowers. Thanks to environmentally-friendly beekeeping methods, the purity and aromatic richness of the honey are preserved. Each jar of Provence Flowers honey is the result of a natural process, with no additions or alterations.

Appreciated for its sweetness and creamy texture, Provence Flowers honey can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. It's delicious spread on a slice of fresh bread, added to a cup of hot tea for natural sweetness, or used as a subtle ingredient in a variety of recipes. Its subtle taste also blends perfectly with mild cheeses or yoghurts, creating a harmonious combination of flavors.

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