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Fall for our Almond and Honey Macaroons from Provence. Made according to traditional methods, our almond macaroons are appreciated for their soft centre and their delicate flavour of good honey.    
Gluten-free and dairy-free treats !  

Discover our Almond and Honey Macaroons from Provence, two delicious flavours in one soft biscuit !    

Our macaroons are made with good products in the service of an exquisite traditional recipe created by our pastry chefs. Macaroons are the success of the Biscuiterie de Provence, they are not too sweet and extremely soft. With more than 40% almonds and honey from Provence PGI, our Macaroons are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Honey from Provence PGI is produced from nectar collected by bees from the flora of Provence.    

Naturally gluten-free and dairy-free, these sweets are certainly the stars of our sweet biscuits, pleasing both young and old alike ! Our expertise and our control measures allow us to guarantee the absence of gluten in the dedicated workshop, which is validated by analyses and audits. You will therefore find the famous AFDIAG crossed wheat ear on all our packaging of Macaroons and other gluten-free products.    

These Almond and Honey Macaroons from Provence IGP are ideal to enjoy with coffee or tea.    

For the great gourmets and lovers of our Macaroons, discover a multitude of flavours : Lemon, Hazelnut, Chocolate, Fig, Organic Almond or even Valrhona Chocolate. Each of our Macaroons is baked according to a traditional recipe and contains a good dose of almond. Every gourmand will find his favourite Macaroon flavour ! Discover these sweets in a box or in bulk.  

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Without milk
Gluten free

Assortment of three recipes in this Provencal Aperitif Pack : Croquets with Nyons PDO olives, Croquets with Provence tomatoes & Espelette PDO peppers and our Croquets with Pistou & Parmesan PDO, to be enjoyed with a glass of wine, a craft beer, a Muscatel wine...    
In short ? Good, tasty and local !  

Discover our inescapable Croquets to nibble in this Provencal aperitif pack !    

You will find inside an assortment of our three flagship recipes : Croquets with Nyons PDO olives, Croquets with Provence tomatoes & Espelette PDO peppers and our Croquets with Pistou & Parmesan PDO. Croquets Olives de Nyons PDO are made with whole almonds and 26% Nyons PDO olives. This little local treasure comes from a small producer located 14km from the factory, all its production is under the Organic Agriculture label in order to guarantee quality olives. In this Provencal aperitif pack, you will also find our Croquets with tomatoes from Provence & Espelette pepper. This small spice typical of the south-west brings to our recipe a fruity and roasted smell, a pungent taste with sweet notes and a slight bitterness. A beautiful association of flavors ! To enhance this Provencal aperitif pack, Pistou and Parmesan Croquets have been added. A tasty blend of a typical Provencal recipe based on basil and a traditional Italian cheese : parmesan. This cheese brings a frank and marked taste.    

All these croquet recipes are prepared by our pastry chefs with a supply of noble ingredients 100% of natural origins, as much as possible from local production, without any additives, artificial flavors, palm oil or preservatives !

In short ? Good, tasty and local ! As a gift or as a present, find all the flavors of Provence in this aperitif box !  
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Discover our Classic Nougat, a sweet treat ideal for gourmet breaks !
The Nougat du Petit Duc is a tender nougat, neither too hard nor too soft, which doesn't stick to the teeth and is always less sweet than usual, revealing the delicious taste of the fruit...

Fall for our Classic Nougat Bar, this delicious sweet combines a soft texture with a delicate flavour for an unforgettable taste experience.

The classic nougat bar is made from simple, high-quality ingredients such as honey, almonds and egg whites. These ingredients are carefully blended to create a soft, slightly sticky texture, with crunchy almond slivers adding a touch of richness and flavour. Petit Duc nougat is the product of an age-old Provencal recipe, made in copper vats for a guarantee of authenticity. The result is a tender nougat that is neither too hard nor too soft, that doesn't stick to your teeth and that is always less sweet than usual, revealing the delicious taste of the fruit...

Nougat has been a popular confection for centuries. Its origins date back to the time of the Roman Empire, and since then it has become a popular sweet in many cultures around the world. Petit Duc's classic nougat bar continues this tradition by offering an authentic and timeless experience. It embodies the authenticity and art of confectionery, offering a nostalgic experience with every bite.

This classic nougat bar is ideal for satisfying sweet cravings or for sharing during a gourmet break.

Nougat lovers will be delighted with our full range : Pistachio white NougatPine Nuts Nougat and Nougat of Cevennes. For those with a sweet tooth, take advantage of our nougat pack to discover our 4 flavours : 3+1 free !

Discover this delicious Dark chocolate and praline tablet, a 100% organic chocolate with a delicious taste that will please all dark chocolate lovers !
In this delicious bar, you will find a perfect alliance between a 60% dark chocolate and a home-made hazelnut praline.

Enjoy this Dark chocolate and praline tablet, this delicacy will bring you a sensation of lightness thanks to its delicate chocolate layer covering our homemade hazelnut praline.
100% organic ingredients enhance this delicious 60% dark chocolate filled praline bar. Our delicious praline is authentic, flavoured and homemade by our pastry and chocolate maker !

Each of our chocolate creations is designed and made in our workshops in the heart of the Drôme Provençale. Our pastry and chocolate maker creates perfectly balanced flavours, ideal for gourmet breaks. In this range of chocolate bars, you will find a raw material from a talented chocolate maker, who finds the best beans throughout the world, the dried fruits and candied fruits that Provence can still offer, and the hand of our chocolate maker to set these recipes to music. The result is a very gourmet range dressed in beautiful traditional handmade papers

Petit Duc's chocolate bars, whether pure origin, fruit or dried fruit, are made for chocolate lovers, those who shun the soft consensus and seek taste and authenticity. It is a chocolate made by an artisan, with selected ingredients and tried and tested recipes to rediscover the sensations of real chocolate. Packaged in a beautiful box, this Dark chocolate and praline tablet is ideal as a gift or to enjoy with a coffee.

For lovers of traditional or creative chocolate, discover our complete range ! Fabulous combinations of flavours, each more original and delicious than the next. Our bars are unavailable during the summer period, a solution adopted in order to preserve the flavours and crunchiness of the chocolate.

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Vanilla Désirés are delicious biscuits with an unreasonable amount of vanilla, topped with the royal ice cream of Calissons Le Petit Duc.

These Vanilla Désirés with an unreasonable amount of vanilla, topped with a royal ice cream reminiscent of Calissons have a melting layer that will sublimate their tasting combining crunchiness and extreme sweetness...    

Recipe by Pol Adam, pastry chef to King Albert I of Belgium, from the early 20th century. The desires are very rich in almonds, without butter, without egg yolk, with almost no flour and an unreasonable amount of vanilla.    
You will appreciate this Vanilla Désirés at tea time or with dessert for a gourmet break between biscuits and sweets.  

Halfway between a biscuit and a confectionery, the Almond Triangles is Petit Duc's flagship biscuit ! 
A sweet biscuit with a delicate honey-almond mixture... 

This Petit Duc must-have is halfway between a confectionery and a biscuit !

Three successive cookings are necessary to assemble the different elements. First of all, it is a shortcrust pastry that is made by the expert hands of our pastry chef. While this first biscuit is cooking, a mixture of almonds, honey and butter is reduced over a low heat in a copper bowl. It will then be poured onto this pastry base to finally be united during a final passage in the oven. A hot knife cut ends the marathon to obtain these delights, the famous almond triangles.  

Almond Triangles are so good that they leave no one indifferent. You don't need anything to accompany these little wonders...  
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Fall for the Country terrine with Picodon from Maison du Pâté, 15km from the Fabrique ! Picodon, a typical Drôme Provençale goat's cheese, goes perfectly with pork and chicken. An ideal terrine to enjoy as an aperitif !

Discover the delicious Country terrine with Picodon, a wonderful speciality from the Drôme. Picodon, a small soft goat's cheese, is renowned for its spicy character that leaves no one indifferent.

The Country terrine with Picodon from La Maison du Pâté is carefully crafted with traditional know-how to bring you all the tangy flavour of this regional cheese. Each bite transports you to the heart of the Drôme's culinary traditions, and lets you discover intense, unique aromas.

Enjoy this terrine spread generously on a slice of farmhouse bread. Its rich, spicy flavour blends perfectly with the rustic texture of the bread, creating a perfect combination of flavours and textures. You can also enjoy Picodon terrine on toast as an aperitif. Its spicy notes will add a touch of boldness and character to your convivial moments. For an original starter, serve the terrine with a fresh, crunchy mesclun salad. The flavours of the Picodon blend harmoniously with the fresh vegetables, creating an explosion of flavour in every bite.

When you choose La Maison du Pâté's Country terrine with Picodon, you're choosing an authentic, high-quality product. The company makes a point of selecting top-quality ingredients and respecting traditional methods of production.

Take your taste buds on a journey to the Drôme with this Country terrine with Picodon. Its tangy flavour and melt-in-your-mouth texture are sure to win you over. Get your hands on this regional speciality now and savour every moment !

This delicious terrine is made in Nyons by Vinaigrerie La Para, which traditionally produces artisan vinegars and organic mustards in the Drôme Provençale. A company located 15km from the Fabrique !

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You'll love the Metal Box Calissons, with its lightly sweetened, super-soft Calissons and delicious almond flavour.
This tin is ideal as a gift or to share !

Discover the Metal Box Calissons, delicacies to share or give as gifts !

Calissons are traditional Provençal delicacies that delight the taste buds with their perfect combination of almonds, candied fruit and sugar. These sweets are often considered to be one of the treasures of Provençal cuisine !

Calissons are made with care and expertise, using high-quality ingredients to guarantee an exceptional taste experience. Almonds, which are the main ingredient at over 35%, are finely ground to create a smooth, creamy paste. This paste is then blended with sugar and candied fruit to create a harmonious, delicate flavour.

The history of the Calissons du Petit Duc goes back a long way, to the time before the factory was founded, at the end of the 19th century, when sugar was a rare commodity, used sparingly. We followed the same principe during the hours we spent studying recipes from before the Calisson d'Aix, to finally arrive at our Calisson de Saint-Rémy... little sweets that are not very sweet, extremely soft and with a delicious almond flavour.

This Metal Box Calissons is available in several sizes : 100g, 200g, 400g and 920 grams for those with a sweet tooth…

For Calissons fans, discover the different flavours created by our pastry chefs : Damask Rose, Orange, Pistachio, Lavender and Ginger ! Calissons with original and deliciously gourmet flavours.