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Fall for our Almonds and hazelnuts dark chocolat bar ! A delicate combination of dark chocolate and dried fruits that bring crunch and delicacy. 
A 100% Organic chocolate in a beautiful box, ideal as a gift. 

Fall for Petit Duc chocolates ! This Almonds and hazelnuts dark chocolat bar is the result of a delicious marriage between traditional dark chocolate and almond and hazelnut chips. The carefully selected, 100% organic dried fruits provide a delicate taste and a crunchy texture. The special moulding of Petit Duc chocolates is elegant and refined.

With over 10% of delicious dried fruit and exclusively organically grown ingredients, this bar is ideal for the most discerning chocolate palate !

Each of our chocolate creations is designed and made in our workshops in the heart of the Drôme Provençale. Our pastry chef-chocolatier creates perfectly balanced flavours, ideal for gourmet breaks. In this range of chocolate bars, you will find a raw material from a talented chocolate maker, who finds the best beans throughout the world, the dried fruits and candied fruits that Provence can still offer, and the hand of our chocolate maker to set these recipes to music. The result is a very gourmet range dressed in beautiful traditional handmade papers…

Petit Duc's chocolate bars, whether pure origin, fruit or dried fruit, are made for chocolate lovers, those who shun the soft consensus and seek taste and authenticity. It is a chocolate made by an artisan, with selected ingredients and tried and tested recipes to rediscover the sensations of real chocolate.

Packaged in a beautiful box, this Almonds and hazelnuts dark chocolat bar is ideal as a gift or to enjoy with a coffee.

For lovers of traditional or creative chocolate, discover our complete range ! Fabulous combinations of flavours, each more original and delicious than the next. Our bars are unavailable during the summer period, a solution adopted in order to preserve the flavours and crunchiness of the chocolate.

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Vanilla Désirés are delicious biscuits with an unreasonable amount of vanilla, topped with the royal ice cream of Calissons Le Petit Duc.

These Vanilla Désirés with an unreasonable amount of vanilla, topped with a royal ice cream reminiscent of Calissons have a melting layer that will sublimate their tasting combining crunchiness and extreme sweetness...    

Recipe by Pol Adam, pastry chef to King Albert I of Belgium, from the early 20th century. The desires are very rich in almonds, without butter, without egg yolk, with almost no flour and an unreasonable amount of vanilla.    
You will appreciate this Vanilla Désirés at tea time or with dessert for a gourmet break between biscuits and sweets.  

Discover our Tablet of Calissons with Damask Rose, a gourmet creation with rose petals and essential oil. Calissons du Petit Duc are low in sugar, extremely soft and have a delicious almond flavour.

Fall for our delicious Tablet of Calissons with Damask Rose, a gourmet creation that will transport you to a world of sweetness and elegance. This bar is a perfect fusion of the exquisite flavours of Provençal calissons and the floral delicacy of Damask Rose.

Calissons are a traditional speciality of Provence, made from a paste of crushed almonds, candied fruit and sugar. Their square shape, characteristic of the Calissons du Petit Duc, and their tender texture make them confectionery appreciated by all gourmets. Damask Rose is a variety of rose renowned for its bewitching fragrance and subtle flavour. Calissons with rose is the oldest of our calissons recipes. For a subtle, pleasant flavour, our pastry chefs add a few rose petals and essential rose oil.

Our Tablet of Calissons with Damask Rose offer you a unique taste experience. Each piece is prepared with care, using top quality ingredients. Finely ground almonds add a creamy, delicate texture, while candied fruit adds a sweet, fruity note. The Damask Rose adds its floral sweetness and a touch of elegance.

Whether you're looking for a sweet break, a refined gift or just a moment to relax, our Tablet of Calissons with Damask Rose is the perfect choice.

Discover a unique confection that will tantalise your taste buds and enchant your senses. For Calissons fans, discover the different flavours created by our pastry chefs : Classic Calissons, Orange, Pistachio, Lavender and Ginger ! Calissons with original and deliciously gourmet flavours.

A superb gift box to fill with assortments of your choice !

Height: 30cm - Width: 16cm - Depth: 10cm

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