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Fall for our Almond and Valrhona dark chocolate Macaroons.  
These delicacies combine the softness of almonds with the intensity of Valrhona® Guanaja heart dark chocolate... A delight with an intense aromatic profile for all dark chocolate lovers.    Gluten-free and milk-free macaroons !  

Discover this original creation combining the sweetness of almonds with the strength of Valrhona® Guanaja Heart® dark chocolate. These Macaroons, born from an exclusive creation with Valrhona®, combine the softness of almonds with the intensity of dark Guanaja® heart chocolate ! It is thanks to this chocolate, imagined and developed by Valrhona®, that our Macaroons reveal all their character... This iconic chocolate is made from a blend of Grands Crus with elegant roasted and bitter notes. Our Almond and Valrhona dark chocolate Macaroons are sublimated by this subtle blend and by our 30% almonds.  A delight with an intense aromatic profile for all dark chocolate lovers.    

Our entire range of Macaroons is made without gluten and without milk. The famous crossed out wheat ear, logo of the AFDIAG, guarantees this characteristic and allows coeliacs to enjoy our sweets. All our gluten-free treats are made and packaged in a dedicated workshop to guarantee the absence of flour. Our macaroons are also packaged in a protective atmosphere to guarantee freshness and softness.    

It's hard not to be tempted by this Almond and Valrhona dark chocolate Macaroons that you can enjoy with an espresso or why not a ristretto. Dark chocolate reveals all its character with a strong coffee…    

For the great gourmets and lovers of our Macaroons, discover a multitude of flavours : Almond, Hazelnut, Chocolate, Fig, Honey of Provence IGP or Lemon. Each of our Macaroons is baked according to a traditional recipe and contains a good dose of almond. Each gourmand will find his favourite Macaroon flavour ! These sweet treats are available in boxes or in bulk.  

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Without milk
Gluten free

Enjoy our Organic Dark Chocolate Shortbread, lightly buttered biscuits, not very sweet and damn delicious !

You will love our Organic Dark Chocolate Shortbread, lightly buttered biscuits that have nothing to envy to the Breton shortbread ! Our little biscuits with a good taste of dark chocolate are made using a traditional method.

Delicious and not very sweet are the characteristics of these biscuits reinvented by the Biscuiterie de Provence. With more than 30% dark chocolate from organic farming, they will make you fall back into childhood ! Each ingredient of the recipe has been carefully selected, raw materials exclusively from organic farming and as locally as possible. Inside our Organic Dark Chocolate Shortbread, you will find a good wheat flour from the Drôme and churned butter. Ideal ingredients to sublimate a delicious recipe. 

These little biscuits are perfect for filling a small hunger and enjoying a gourmet moment. Dip them in chocolate milk, a hot coffee or enjoy them on their own, fresh from the packet.

Discover all our other organic shortbread recipes in our complete range, everyone will find their favourite flavour : Bourbon vanilla or salted butter caramel.

The Biscuiterie de Provence has been a family business for 6 generations, and each of its products is thought out by multidisciplinary teams. This is how we obtain innovative recipes and biscuits with : ZERO colouring, artificial flavouring, chemical additives, preservatives, GMOs or palm oil ! Each of our recipes is made with only good free range eggs and almonds 100% from the Mediterranean basin (France, Spain, Italy) ! We devote all our passion and know-how to the development and production of Biscuits, Cakes, Nougats, Chocolates and Calissons. Subtle mixtures of southern flavours, the sweet and savoury delicacies of our biscuit factory bear witness to the richness of our region.

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Discover our Raspberry dark chocolate bar ! A delicious combination of tart raspberry and the roundness of dark chocolate.
A 100% organic chocolate and terribly greedy.

Fall for this Petit Duc Raspberry dark chocolate bar, a perfect balance between the roundness of the chocolate and the acidity of the raspberry.

Exclusively organically grown ingredients enhance the recipe of our chocolate maker ! Discover a delicious combination of voluptuous dark chocolate and intense, tangy raspberry.

Each of our chocolate creations is imagined and made in our workshops in the heart of the Drôme Provençale. Our pastry chef-chocolate maker creates perfectly balanced flavours, ideal for gourmet breaks. In this range of chocolate bars, you will find a raw material coming from a talented chocolate maker, who finds the best beans throughout the world, the dried fruits and candied fruits that Provence can still offer, and the hand of our chocolate maker to put these recipes to music. The result is a very gourmet range dressed in beautiful traditional handmade paper

Petit Duc's chocolate bars, whether pure origin, fruit or dried fruit, are made for chocolate lovers, those who shun the soft consensus and seek taste and authenticity. It is a chocolate made by craftsmen, with selected ingredients and tried and tested recipes to rediscover the sensations of real chocolate.

Packaged in a wonderful box, this Raspberry dark chocolate bar is ideal for giving as a gift or for drinking with a coffee. Palates that love the fabulous combination of chocolate and raspberry will be delighted !

For lovers of traditional or creative chocolate, discover our complete range ! Fabulous combinations of flavours, each more original and delicious than the next. Our bars are unavailable during the summer period, a solution adopted in order to preserve the flavours and crunchiness of the chocolate.

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