Gift box - Le Petit Duc

Gift box - Le Petit Duc

Gourmet Gift Box: A Feast of Local Flavors

For a gourmet gift ready to be shared, discover our Gourmet Gift Boxes. From appetizers to dessert, this collection brings together the best of what we have to offer, satisfying the palates of those who appreciate savory delights. The Authenticity of Local Flavors.


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Our gourmet gift boxes are crafted with love to celebrate the culinary richness of Provence. Each product included in our box is carefully chosen to provide you with a complete immersion into the Provencal way of life. You will uncover an array of delights, ranging from artisanal biscuits to soft cakes, along with unique local products that contribute to the reputation of our heritage.

In this box, you'll find:

  • Dark Chocolate Almond Bar: A delicate marriage of dark chocolate and nuts that provide crunch and delicacy.
  • Assorted Calisson Bar: These typical Provencal delicacies are made with almonds, candied fruits, and sugar. They are mildly sweet, incredibly soft, and have a delightful almond flavor.
  • Vanilla Desire biscuits : Delicious cookies with an excessive amount of vanilla, topped with the royal icing of Petit Duc Calissons.

Whether it's for a special occasion, a birthday, a wedding, or simply to delight a loved one, our Provencal Gourmet Gift Box is the ideal choice to enchant the senses and create unforgettable memories. Order now and let Provence become a part of your life, one bite at a time.

Explore our collection of Provencal gourmet gift boxes today and discover the authentic flavors of this sunny region. Give a gift that tells a story, a gift that speaks of love, tradition, and delights.