Pure Detox Herbal Tea

Pure Detox Herbal Tea

Discover the Pure Detox herbal tea from Tisanes du Dauphin, a family-owned business located in Buis-les-Baronnies, at the heart of the Provençal Baronnies. Three generations of artisanal infusion creators present you with a unique tasting experience, situated just 30 km from the Factory.

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Immerse yourself in the lightness of this detox herbal tea and savor every sip of a tradition that has endured since 1953.

Each ingredient is meticulously selected and cultivated using rigorous organic practices. Their commitment to organic reflects their respect for nature and your well-being. Dive into a cup of infusion that blends tradition and quality, a certified organic creation with every sip.

This infusion is a synergy of plants with detoxifying properties! Rosemary promotes elimination, artichoke and lime tree bark support the detoxification process, while sage contributes to slimming. You can consume up to 1 liter of this detox herbal tea per day for about ten days. Composed of plants cultivated in France and sourced from fair trade, this organic Detox Pure herbal tea aims to assist in eliminating toxins from the body while maintaining proper hydration. It provides a gentle detoxification through the use of organic plants cultivated in France and sourced from fair trade.

This detox infusion is crafted by Tisanes du Dauphin, a company located in Buis-les-Baronnies, 30 km from the Factory. It's a family story at the heart of the Provençal Baronnies since 1953, with three generations of artisanal infusion creators.

Enhance the expression of flavors by pouring water heated to 80°C, then let it infuse for 6 to 8 minutes before fully appreciating your drink.

For herbal tea enthusiasts, explore the wonders of the "Songe Merveilleux" and "Drôme des Couleurs" herbal infusions!

Verbena*, Rosemary*, Sweet Mint*, Lime Tree Bark, Artichoke*, Sage*, Peppermint*.

Aromatic and medicinal plants in Dauphiné Provence. *90% of the total agricultural ingredients are sourced from fair trade, controlled according to the FiABLE standard. For more information, visit www.BIOPARTENAIRE.com. Product from organic farming certified by FR-BIO-01.