Pistou and Parmesan Croquets in bulk...

    Pistou and Parmesan Croquets in bulk - savoury biscuits

    rating Read the 8 reviews
    Average rating: 10/10 Number of reviews: 8

    Find our Pistou and Parmesan Croquets in bulk !
    A local recipe with good ingredients selected near the Factory !


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    rating Read the 8 reviews
    Average rating: 10/10 Number of reviews: 8


    Find Pistou and Parmesan Croquets in bulk, a 500 gram bag of deliciousness !

    Bring Provence to your table and impress your guests with our range of Croquets for aperitif time, you can also add them to a salad to replace croutons or in your gazpachos in summer ! They are also perfect to enjoy, why not, with a glass of chilled rosé wine !

    With their delicious almond slivers that go well with the flavours of basil, pine nuts or even parmesan, these crunchy biscuits will always be a hit. An original and extremely tasty recipe to be found in BULK packaging !

    A traditional recipe of Provençal kitchen, pistou is made from southern products : basil, garlic and olive oil, traditionally crushed in a mortar. This recipe brings a creamy and tasty result to be integrated in our Croquets Pistou and Parmesan PDO. A little touch of Parmesan PDO, a traditional Italian cheese made from cow's milk, adds a distinct taste.

    Our Croquets aperitifs are : a supply of noble ingredients 100% of natural origin, as much as possible from local production, without any additives, artificial flavouring, palm oil or preservatives !

    Discover also all the recipes of our range of Croquets to be found in bulk or in boxes ! Aperitif Croquets with multiple flavours : Olive, Black Garlic, Drôme Garlic IGP, Tomato & Espelette Pepper or Picodon. Every gourmet will find their favourite Croquets to enjoy wonderful aperitifs ! For the most demanding, our aperitif Croquets are also available in batches, take advantage of the offer : 3 cases of Croquets bought for 1 case offered !

    In short ? Goodness, taste and corner in these Pistou and Parmesan Croquets in bulk !

    Ingredients: wheat flour, milk, basil from Provence 17%, pesto 14% (basil from Provence 46%, sunflower oil, olive oil, garlic, parmesan PDO, pine nuts, salt, lemon juice, pepper), eggs, almonds, parmesan PDO 9%, Mont Ventoux small spelt flour , sugar, salt, garlic, pepper, natural baking powder (wheat starch, sodium bicarbonate, monopotassium tartrate).

    Valeurs nutritionnelles pour - nutrition values per 100g : Energie - Energy : 1832kJ - 436kcal / Matières grasses - Fat : 14g / dont acides gras saturés - of which satured Fat : 2,7g / glucides - carbohydrates : 59g / dont sucres-of which sugars : 7,8g / fibres alimentaires - dietary fiber : 4,8g / protéines - protein : 15g / sel - salt : 2,6g (Riche en fibres - High fiber source)

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    excellent !!
    rating 10
    Cédric v.
    Bon accord le parmesan avec le pistou !!
    Un joli choix
    rating 10
    Pierre Alain U.
    Ayant gouté chez une amie certains produits apéritifs de la Biscuiterie de Provence, nous avons été tenté d'en savoir plus. Nous sommes très contents de notre commande, de la qualité du service et des produits et du "style" courtois et sympathique de l'envoi, par ailleurs rapide. Satisfaction au rendez-vous.
    Pistou et Parmesan
    rating 10
    Anne -Lise F.
    Un régal encore !
    Tout à fait convaincant
    rating 10
    Roger J.
    Excellent tout simplement
    rating 10
    Viviane R.
    pas encore ouvert mais je ne doute pas du résultat
    rating 10
    Simone D.
    rating 10
    Véronique Q.
    Un bon équilibre des deux saveurs
    rating 10
    Stéphanie J.
    Parfaits à l'apéro ou avec un gaspacho !

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