Mini Fabergé egg
Mini Fabergé egg

Mini Fabergé egg

The Petit Duc Workshop has reimagined the Fabergé Egg with its exclusive collection of 24 eggs. Following its Fabergé egg collection, Petit Duc now introduces the "Petits Œufs Fabergés" for affordable gifting.

Explore our selection to discover the egg that perfectly suits your preferences, and most importantly, treat yourself to the delightful pleasure of chocolate balls hidden inside. Whether you're a fan of milk chocolate or dark chocolate caramel, these irresistible balls have been specially crafted to enchant you!

  • Décor mini muget rose
  • Décor mini vert et fleurs blanches
  • Décor mini jaune
  • Décor mini écailles bleues
  • Décor mini rouge
  • Décor mini beige et doré

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Indulge in the irresistible temptation of our Fabergé eggs, a delightful treat designed to be enjoyed either alone or in excellent company ;)

Immerse yourself in the realm of indulgence with our delightful Fabergé eggs, generously filled with tasty milk chocolate or dark caramel chocolate beads. Each day, these eggs are carefully hand-filled at the artisanal workshop of Le Petit Duc.

The fascinating history of the Fabergé egg dates back to Alexandre III, who annually presented this jewel to his wife to celebrate Easter, symbolizing the springtime renewal of nature. Le Petit Duc ingeniously reimagined this egg by enriching it with delightful chocolate beads.

Discover our 12 egg-shaped metal boxes, adorned with an antique style and intricately decorated. The motifs and design subtly evoke the origin of the decorative jewel, paying homage to the traditional Fabergé egg. You have the opportunity to choose the egg that suits you, and for enthusiasts of delicacies, the chance to create a beautiful collection!

These chocolate beads are crafted with noble ingredients and are gluten-free certified. A crunchy delight that will captivate both young and old, perfect for a pleasurable break.

This creation promises to touch the heart of every gourmet, whether to celebrate Easter or simply savor a delightful treat.

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