Pear jam
Pear jam

Let yourself be charmed by the pear fruit jam, an artisanal creation crafted with fresh seasonal fruits. This delight, designed to melt in the mouth, is the work of a talented producer from the Drôme provençale.

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Indulge in the sweet delight of my wife's pear jam, an exquisite recipe crafted with 100% love in the heart of Provence. This delicacy, made from high-quality fresh pears, is available in limited quantities as my wife meticulously follows the fruit cycle for fresh and flavorful products.

Handcrafted expertise is at the core of her production process, ensuring impeccable quality in every jar. Our producer employs traditional and ancestral recipes with meticulous care, creating a delicate jam that will delight even the most discerning palates.

To ensure an exceptional taste experience, my wife carefully selects pears at their peak maturity, preserving their natural flavor. She adds a subtle touch of lemon for a hint of acidity, achieving a perfect balance with the pear's aroma. Precision in fruit cutting and slow cooking preserve their quality, resulting in a jar filled with creaminess and authenticity.

My wife prepares these jams using only three ingredients: pear, sugar, and lemon. She commits to excluding artificial additives, preserving the purity and freshness of the product. You can confidently savor this pear jam, knowing you are enjoying a high-quality product.

Located just minutes from the Biscuiterie, in the charming Saint-Céciles-Les-Vignes, the making of my wife's jams perpetuates family traditions.

This delightful pear jam is perfect on a slice of bread for a delicious breakfast, an ideal remedy to start the day on a positive note.

Don't hesitate to explore my wife's other creations; you'll find equally delicious and traditional jams.

Immerse yourself in this unique tasting experience where each jar tells a story of authentic flavors and passion.

Prepared with 68g of fruit per 100g.

Total sugar content 55g per 100g.

Ingredients: pear, sugar, lemon.