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Savory Fine Groceries - Products from the Provence and Drôme Region

Discover without further delay a complete range of aperitif products from local productions around the factory ! Between picodon terrine, cream of mushroom with black truffle or olive oil from Nyons PDO, we guarantee you a tasty moment of conviviality around the good products of our region...

Dried fruits

Truffle cashews

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  • Sachet 130g €8.96
Dive into a gustatory journey where the elegance of cashews meets the subtlety of truffle. Our meticulous selection of premium cashews is delicately paired with the distinctive aroma of truffle, creating a symphony of exquisite flavors in every bite
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  • Moulin 145g €6.11
Explore new Mediterranean flavors with this black olive and rosemary sea salt grinder. This exquisite blend of sea salt, carefully selected olives, and fresh rosemary creates an explosion of flavors that will delightfully enhance all your dishes.
Local Products

Mustard with Espelette Pepper - AOP

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  • Cylinder 130g €5.17
Let yourself be seduced by the originality of AOP Espelette pepper mustard. An innovative recipe stemming from a flavor-rich blend to enhance your dishes.
Local Products

Cep mustard

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  • Cylinder 130g €5.17
Savor&Sens' cep mustard is a delightful, velvety creation. It is enjoyed as a complement to white meat or used as a vinaigrette. Its creamy texture is enriched with pieces of ceps, adding a woody note that enhances the flavor of your dishes.
Local Products

Black olive and rosemary mustard

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  • Cylinder 130g €5.17
Discover Savor&Sens' black olive and rosemary mustard, a creation with a velvety texture and infused with olive pieces. An ideal condiment to accompany a variety of dishes!

The Art of Gourmet Provencal Appetizers

Whether it's for an aperitif with friends or to elevate your dishes, our regional products bring an authentic touch to your table. Discover unique specialties that evoke the flavors of Provence and Drôme with every bite.

Savor products that embody the character of the region with high-quality ingredients from our local areas. Explore our selection of Provencal specialties, from delicious olives to local cheeses, to artisanal preserves, and much more.

Gourmet Specialties from Our Region

Looking for Authentic Delights and Regional Flavors? Our savory fine groceries category offers a variety of regional products from Provence and Drôme, carefully selected to satisfy your taste buds near our Factory.

Olives from Nyons AOP: A Product from the Drôme Provençale Region 

Olives from Nyons AOP are the perfect example of regional products, embodying quality and authenticity. Cultivated with care by passionate producers in the beautiful Nyons region, these olives are a gourmet treasure that reflects the essence of this blessed land.

The exceptional Mediterranean climate of the Nyons region, combined with the centuries-old tradition of olive cultivation, gives rise to olives of incomparable quality. Their delicate, sweet, and fruity flesh is the result of the love that producers pour into their trees.

By savoring Nyons AOP olives, you explore the region with every bite. Whether as an appetizer, an accompaniment to Mediterranean dishes, or an ingredient in special recipes, these olives are an invitation to a culinary journey.

Picodon: A Product from the Drôme Region

Picodon, this little cheese with a melodious name, is a true treasure of the Drôme region in France. This soft goat cheese with its unique flavor has become a gourmet icon thanks to its Protected Designation of Origin (AOP).

The exceptional terroir of the Drôme mountains, with its limestone soils and Mediterranean climate, gives Picodon its unique taste. This regional goat cheese is truly a French icon. Its traditional production process, meticulous aging, and tangy flavor make it a unique regional product. Picodon de Dieulefit is an explosion of flavors in every bite, combining tart notes with delicate sweetness, offering an unforgettable taste experience.

Savor this local treasure, Picodon de Dieulefit, and discover why it's a regional pride. Its rich taste and historical heritage make it more than just a cheese; it's a declaration of love for French gastronomy and the terroir of the Drôme.

Black Garlic: A Product from the Drôme Region

In the heart of the Drôme, Maison Boutarin offers a true gem of regional products: black garlic. An exceptional product, the result of unique craftsmanship, invites you to discover a gustatory treasure.

Black garlic, originally from Ancient Asia, has been elevated to a masterpiece by Maison Boutarin. Through a meticulous traditional fermentation process, this garlic takes on a dark color, a melting texture, and subtle aromas. It is the perfect expression of the Drôme terroir.

We are proud to offer this rare and sought-after regional product. Maison Boutarin's black garlic is an exceptional culinary discovery, adding an elegant touch to your dishes and revealing the artisanal craftsmanship of our region.

Taste this unique black garlic to explore the terroir of the Drôme. Treat your taste buds to a gustatory experience that combines heritage, quality, and authenticity.

Regional Products in Our Gourmet Biscuit Recipes

In the heart of the Drôme Provençale, Biscuiterie de Provence combines its traditional craftsmanship and the flavors of the terroir to create unique gourmet products. Among their most exceptional creations, aperitif biscuits with Nyons AOP olives, Picodon, or black garlic captivate gourmets in search of a local and authentic experience.

These biscuits perfectly reflect the essence of the French terroir. Nyons AOP olives, sourced from the sunny Nyons region, and Picodon, the renowned goat cheese, are the star ingredients of these delights.

The aperitif Croquets from Biscuiterie de Provence are more than just a range of aperitif biscuits. They are a window into local France, highlighting the gastronomic richness of the region. By savoring them, you journey through the French countryside, where each aroma tells a story of tradition and authenticity.

Choose these local delights and taste the terroir of France in a biscuit. A range of several incredible recipes with quality local ingredients.

Find These Regional Products in Our Gourmet Gift Sets

In our quest to offer you the gourmet flavors of our region, find our selection of regional products and our Croquets range with quality local ingredients in our business gift catalog or in all our gift ideas.

Our gourmet gift sets are a celebration of the richness of our terroir. They showcase local flavors, high-quality products, and artisanal craftsmanship. Each gift set is an invitation to discover the culinary diversity of our region.

Whether for memorable business gifts or gourmet gift ideas to share, our gift sets honor the terroir, quality, and unique flavors of our region. Offer your loved ones or business partners a unique gustatory experience, filled with a passion for the terroir and generosity.

Explore Our Catalog and Uncover the Treasures of Our Terroir Nestled in Our Gourmet Gift Sets It's the perfect gift to celebrate the richness of our region and share the love for local gastronomy.