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    Black Garlic Croquets in bulk - Organic savoury biscuits

    Discover our Black Garlic Croquets in bulk, a recipe created exclusively with Maison Boutarin.
    An original local recipe with good ingredients close to the Factory !

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    Discover our exclusive recipe for  Black Garlic Croquets in bulk, a 500g bag of deliciousness !

    With their delicious slivers of almonds that go wonderfully with the subtle taste of black garlic, these little savoury biscuits will bring originality and refinement to your table ! Crunchy and extremely tasty, they will surprise even the most discerning gourmets with their unique recipe.

    Thanks to several weeks of cooking at low temperature, black garlic reveals a fragrance with roasted notes of candied fruit, liquorice, undergrowth or even balsamic vinegar... A sweet gourmet treasure characteristic of the 5th flavour : umami.
    In this Croquets recipe, the sweet and irresistible notes of black garlic stimulate the taste buds for an explosion of flavours in the mouth ! To be enjoyed, why not, with a Côtes-du-Rhône.

    Located less than 70 km from the factory, Maison Boutarin has a single objective : to help you discover the many flavours of garlic. The company shares the same values as the Biscuiterie de Provence : authenticity with the promotion of a terroir and the gastronomy of our regions, excellence and a love of taste.

    Discover also all the recipes of our range of Croquets to be found in bulk or in boxes ! Aperitif Croquets with multiple flavours : Olive, Pistou, Drôme Garlic IGP, Tomato & Espelette Pepper or Picodon. Every gourmet will find his favourite Croquets to enjoy wonderful aperitifs ! For the most demanding, our aperitif Croquets are also available in batches, take advantage of the offer : 3 cases of Croquets bought for 1 case offered !

    In short ? Goodness, taste and corner in these Black Garlic Croquets in bulk !

    wheat flour * from Drôme, whole milk *, black garlic * from Maison Boutarin 14%, whole eggs *, almonds *, parmesan * PDO, sugar *, salt, onions *, baking powder *, (wheat starch *, sodium bicarbonate, monopotassium tartrate)

    Valeurs nutritionnelles pour - nutrition values per 100g : Energie - Energy : 1238kJ - 294kcal / Matières grasses - Fat : 7,4g / dont acides gras saturés - of which satured Fat : 2,1g / glucides - carbohydrates : 43g / dont sucres-of which sugars : 9,1g / fibres alimentaires - dietary fiber : 3,6g / protéines - protein : 12g / sel - salt : 2,84g 

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