Cep mustard

Cep mustard

Savor&Sens' cep mustard is a delightful, velvety creation. It is enjoyed as a complement to white meat or used as a vinaigrette. Its creamy texture is enriched with pieces of ceps, adding a woody note that enhances the flavor of your dishes.

  • Cylinder 130g

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Enhance your dining pleasure with our cep mustard, a culinary creation from Savor&Sens celebrating the excellence of French craftsmanship. As enthusiasts of French gastronomy, they offer an exceptional taste experience with this mustard, subtly prepared with flavorful ceps.

Ceps, the jewels of the forest, are exceptional mushrooms appreciated for their rich and delicate flavor. Their unique taste evokes woody and earthy notes, complemented by a subtle hint of hazelnut. The firm and fleshy texture of this mushroom  makes them particularly valued in cuisine, adding unparalleled depth to dishes.

In this delicious recipe, ceps are carefully combined with mustard and olive oil, creating an exquisite blend of flavors. This unique combination offers a light and full-bodied mustard, perfect for enhancing the taste of your favorite dishes. Each bite reveals a harmonious balance between the richness of ceps and the subtlety of mustard, providing a memorable culinary experience.

Savor&Sens is committed to crafting products that capture the iconic flavors of France, occasionally introducing original notes into their condiments. This approach aims to satisfy palates that are both daring and curious, seeking an unprecedented taste experience.

Cep mustard pairs exceptionally well with white meats, offering a subtle spicy flavor complemented by a woody note. For some, this mustard evokes memories of mushroom picking or delicious meals prepared by mom.
Add an innovative touch to your salads by using this cep mustard as a vinaigrette, bringing a hint of originality and forest flavor to your dish.

Finally, what more can be said ? Cep mustard is a velvety blend that elevates the tasting experience of your dishes!

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Mustard 93.80% (Mustard seeds, water, vinegar, salt, sugar, preservative: sodium bisulfite), extra virgin olive oil 4%, natural flavor, dried cep mushrooms 0.5%.

Energy value: 763kJ (183.7kcal); fats: 13g; of which saturated fatty acids: 1g; total carbohydrates: 11.5g; of which sugars: 6g; dietary fibers: 3.5g; proteins: 7g; salt: 5g.