Mustard with Espelette Pepper - AOP

Mustard with Espelette Pepper - AOP

Let yourself be seduced by the originality of AOP Espelette pepper mustard. An innovative recipe stemming from a flavor-rich blend to enhance your dishes.

  • Cylinder 130g

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Enhance your dishes with a touch of originality through the delicious AOP Espelette pepper mustard from Savor&Sens, a Bio culinary preparation that embodies French craftsmanship excellence. As a creator of 100% French products dedicated to gourmet palates, Savor&Sens provides a unique culinary experience with this mustard boasting authentic flavors.

In this delectable recipe, mustard and olive oil are meticulously combined and complemented by an eccentric touch: AOP Espelette pepper. This combination creates a flavor-rich blend capable of elevating and harmonizing the most delightful dishes. The result is an airy mustard, full of flavors, offering a subtle spiciness with every bite.

The Espelette pepper, originating from the Basque Country, has a history spanning centuries. Introduced in the 16th century, it captivated the region with its distinctive aroma and moderate spiciness. Adorning the AOP label since 2000, this pepper is now a culinary icon. Prized for its subtle taste and unique fragrance, it is often incorporated into various culinary preparations. Similarly, mustard shares a captivating history, valued for its spicy taste and culinary versatility. Uniting these two products, Savor & Sens creates a vibrant fusion of flavors!

This mustard pairs perfectly with grilled meat, adding the final touch for a perfect harmony of flavors. It also marries divinely with grilled vegetables, offering a subtle spicy kick.

Savor&Sens strives to create products infused with the sunny flavors of Provence, occasionally adding touches of originality to grocery items. This approach aims to satisfy ambitious and curious palates, seeking a unique gustatory experience.

This culinary delight awaits to be tasted and appreciated, taking you on a sensory journey where each carefully selected ingredient tells a story of passion and culinary excellence.

Let yourself be enchanted by this exceptional mustard, a symbol of the harmonious marriage between tradition and innovation.

Mustard* 94% (mustard seeds*, alcohol vinegar*, water, sunflower oil*, salt, xanthan gum), extra virgin olive oil* 4%, Espelette Pepper AOP* 2%.

*Ingredients from Organic Farming

Energy value: 754kJ (181.6kcal); fats: 13g; of which saturated fatty acids: 1.1g; carbohydrates: 11g; of which sugars: 5.8g; dietary fibers: 3.5g; proteins: 6.9g; salt: 5.07g.