Tatin-style Apple Jam

Tatin-style Apple Jam

Discover My Wife's Tatin-Style Apple Jam, an artisanal delight prepared with love in Provence. Each jar contains high-quality fresh apples and delicious caramel, offering a unique taste experience. Preserving family traditions, My Wife perpetuates her know-how to create delicate and authentic jams. Perfect for accompanying your breakfasts, this jam will delight lovers of refined flavors.

  • Pot 390g

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Immerse yourself in the exquisite universe of My Wife's Tatin-Style Apple Jam, a refined creation prepared with love in the heart of Provence. Each jar contains a treasure trove of flavors crafted from high-quality fresh apples, combined with delicious homemade caramel.

Artisanal craftsmanship is at the heart of the manufacturing process, ensuring impeccable quality in every jar. My Wife, with her unmatched expertise, perpetuates ancestral recipes to create a delicate jam that will delight even the most discerning palates.

To preserve the freshness and authenticity of the apples, My Wife selects them at their peak ripeness, adding a subtle touch of lemon to balance the flavors. The meticulous cutting of the fruits and slow cooking preserves their natural character, resulting in a jam of incomparable smoothness, enhanced by the caramel.

This jam is prepared with only four ingredients: apples, sugar, lemon, and caramel, without any artificial additives. Each spoonful transports you to a world of authentic flavors, where the freshness of the product is guaranteed.

Located in Saint-Céciles-Les-Vignes, just a few minutes from the Biscuit Factory, My Wife perpetuates family traditions by concocting these delicious and unique jams.

My Wife's Tatin-Style Apple Jam is perfect for enhancing your breakfasts, perfectly accompanying your toasted bread slices. Also, discover My Wife's other creations, each as original and flavorful as the next.

Let yourself be enchanted by this exceptional taste experience, where each jar tells a story of authentic flavors and passion, for unparalleled gourmet pleasure. My wife is a true magician, so be sure not to miss out on discovering her Tatin-style apple jam as well as all her other recipes.

Apple, sugar, caramel, lemon

Prepared with 62g of fruit per 100g - Total sugar content 55g per 100g