Melon Jam

Fall in love with Melon Jam, a home-made jam lovingly concocted in Provence !
You'll love this subtle taste of melon that remind us South of France

  • Pot 390g

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Fall in love with the gourmet world of Melon Jam from Confiture de ma femme, a home-made, original and local creation from Provence that will awaken your senses and delight your taste buds. In the heart of our sunny region, Confiture de ma femme selects the best apples to create this exceptional jam.

Each jar is lovingly made using traditional methods handed down from generation to generation, guaranteeing impeccable quality. Melon Jam is an ode to the famous Provence frut, sublimated in a delicious blend of sweetness. The delicious aromas of Melon combine harmoniously to create an unforgettable flavour.

By choosing this Melon Jam, you're opting for a jam with character, carefully prepared in a Provençal kitchen. Local and natural ingredients are used to give you an authentic and refined taste experience.

Enjoy this Melon Jam on toast or crêpes, or add it to your desserts for a taste of tarte tatin in every bite. Melon Jam is the result of meticulous care, with no added additives or artificial preservatives. Each jar is a tribute to our terroir and the culinary heritage of Provence.

Succumb to the charm of this home-made jam and let yourself be transported to a sweet gourmet getaway. By buying Melon Jam, you're also supporting local, environmentally-friendly production.

What makes this Melon Jam even more special is that it's made by hand in the traditional way, in Saint-Cécile-les-Vignes, just a few kilometres from the Fabrique. This producer puts all her passion into each jar, following traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation. So you can be sure of tasting an authentic, high-quality jam.

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Apple, sugar, caramel, lemon

Prepared with 62g fruit per 100g 

Total sugar content 55g per 100g