Gigérine jam

Discover Confiture de ma femme's homemade christmas jam, prepared with passion just a few kilometres from La Fabrique.
A treasure concocted with love in Provence with authentic flavours that will tantalise your taste buds.

  • Pot 390g

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Discover the delicious christmas jam from Confiture de ma femme, a real explosion of tangy flavours that will wake up your taste buds. But what makes this lemon marmalade even more special is the artisanal preparation process that makes it unique. Each jar is lovingly handmade at just a few kilometres from our Fabrique.

Our producer puts all her passion into each jar of christmas jam. She faithfully follows traditional recipes, handed down from generation to generation, to give you an authentic, high-quality taste experience. Each ingredient is carefully selected, with the emphasis on juicy, sun-drenched, locally-grown fruts for incomparable flavour and freshness.

Christmas jam is a real treat for christmas lovers. Its tangy flavour and velvety texture make it an irresistible treat to spread on toast, croissants or pancakes. Its bewitching fragrance will transport you to sunny climes with every bite.

When you choose this christmas jam, you're choosing an authentic product, prepared using traditional methods handed down from generation to generation. Each jar reflects the love and expertise of our producer, who makes it a point of honour to offer you an exceptional lemon marmalade. Quality is at the heart of her approach, Confiture de ma femme selects the finest ingredients to create an authentic and refined lemon marmalade. No artificial additives are used to alter the purity and freshness of the product. So you can enjoy this lemon marmalade with confidence, knowing that you're enjoying a quality product.

Don't delay in discovering Confiture de ma femme's homemade christmas jam. Order now and be enchanted by its intense flavour and authenticity. Treat yourself and share a unique moment of pleasure with lemon marmalade, a burst of sunshine in every jar !

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Ingredients: gigérine 90%, orange 8%, lemon 2%, vanilla, sugar

Prepared with 67g of fruit per 100g 

Total sugar content 56g per 100g