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cocoa beans Valrhona® biscuits

cocoa beans Valrhona® biscuits

Original sweet creation with almonds and cocoa beans from Valrhona®
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Crunchy sweet biscuits with almonds and cocoa beans from Valrhona® to enjoy with a dessert, an ice cream or with a cup of tea or coffee.
Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, cocoa beans Valrhona® 15%, almonds 7%, milk, Mont Ventoux small spelt flour , eggs, honey, natural baking powder (wheat starch, sodium bicarbonate, monopotassium tartrate), salt, pure vanilla extract
"Valeurs nutritionnelles pour - nutrition values per 100g: Energie-Energy : 1848kJ - 440kcal / Matières grasses-Fat : 14g / dont acides gras saturés-of which satured Fat : 5,3g / glucides- carbohydrates : 64g / dont sucres-of which sugars : 24g / fibres alimentaires-dietary fiber : 8,1g / protéines- protein : 11g / sel-salt : 0,92g / phosphore-phosphorus : 197mg / magnésium-magnesium : 118mg (Riche en fibres et en magnésium, source de phosphore - High fiber and magnesium source, phosphorus source)

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